Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Another day in the world cup and yet more shocks. The U.S beat Portugal. Absolutely amazing, Portugal would be expected to reach the quarter finals at least. Some good judges thought they may have a chance of winning the thing. Many, myself included would not have been surprised if the U.S had lost every game. One defeat doesn't make much difference, Argentina reached the final after losing their first game to Cameroon, so Portugal are far from being out of it.
However, this is a phrase that I never in a million years thought I would utter, " I cannot wait for the mouthwatering clash between the U.S.A and South Korea". Bizzarre.
As if that was not enough excitement, Germany turned out to be a poor team, which says little for Saudi Arabia. However going into the 93rd minute they were beating Ireland 1-0 and looking to be the first team to qualify from the groups. Out of nowhere, a highball is flicked on by Quinn and Robbie Keane, with 2 hairy arsed German defenders and a man mountain of a goalie converging on him, smashes the ball into the net. The group is wide open now. Wide open for some duplicity between Cameroon and Germany actually, but we shall see.
Very vexing word game can be found here.
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