Monday, July 15, 2002

Many thousands of local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be on strike on Wednesday. This is why.
If the unions win this my gob will be smacked, most people of my aquaintance view it as a welcome day off (albeit unpaid) but are not unduly vexed one way or another. I very much doubt if many would be willing to lose another days pay. I know very few people who actually had a chance to vote in the ballot, and it was a very narrow vote in favour of the strike in Unison. If it happens again more fuss will be made.

Joel Veitch animation

A very interesting day in the tour. Todays time trial was won by Santiago Botero and the cat is now well and truly among the among the pigeons. The mountain stages are going to be unmissable.
Millar did well and is now seventh.

Metafilter has been down a very long time. Scary.

Oh dear. I know many who will be bereft at the news that the Sopranos 5th series will be its last. I have not seen the 4th series yet but I am assuming it and the 5th will be the usual high quality. Although I will miss it at least it will depart never having jumped the shark (I hope).
More Sopranos stuff here.
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