Thursday, March 20, 2003

Good to see that Raed is still able to blog, so far.

Hostilities have begun but we are not at war.If I think too much about that I might just pop a vein.

The Sydney Morning Herald gives the Australian government some stick, they might just as well be talking about ours

A letter from Michael Moore to George, it is as you would expect it to be no more no less, he does comment though that gas is now 2 dollars. I expect he means petrol is now about a quid for a gallon. Poor wee dabs.

I forgot to mention the thing that my goat up about the Blues yesterday. Apparently, when Christophe Dugarry gets fouled he falls over, which makes hin the most despicable cheese eating surrender monkey who has ever set foot upon an English football field, obviously. Best not mention stout hearted Englishman Martin Keown reacting like a girl after being given a little slap in the face and getting a player sent off, or Cole, or Pires, or countless others, any others in fact, it aint crown green bleeding bowls you know!
Some of the honest pros protesting that spitting is despiscable make me chuckle. These would be the same ones we have all seen in close up letting great gobfuls fly, not to mention releasing an endless stream of snot from one nostril. Chuffin Charmers.

Talking of xenophobia, which we wern't, each and every witless commentater on ITV makes sick to my stomach. You have to watch the Spanish you know, wily bunch they are, and liable to look innocent after committing a foul. Not to be trusted.
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