Friday, September 14, 2007

Just One Victory

Bugger me, a calamity has befallen us, they have remade the Dandy. Some genius has decided it needs to be a witless girls magazine, only for boys. My little lad is distraught, and so am I.

What a week of sport, thank God it's over and we can get back to the real and proper business of supporting our teams.

Jim White is one of the better sports journalists; he switches employer as often as Craig Bellamy so I don't know who he currently writes for, but no matter, because we have a book he has written about coaching a nippers football team. It has had good reviews, but I haven't read it yet, I have heard it though.

I love Cwmbran Library. I picked up ten previously untouched books today, including the new William McIlvanny, Allan Guthrie, Camilleri, Don de Lillo, Blake Morrison and best of all, Niall Griffiths. Should keep me busy for a few weeks. If you haven't come across McIllvanny before, I can't recommend him highly enough. Start at the beginning.
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