Friday, February 01, 2008

Trouble Been Hard

You will have read about Shelby Lynnes album of Dusty covers, because you can't escape the bloody thing and everyone seems to love it. As do I. Love might be putting it a bit strong, but it's a damn fine piece of work. the best thing about it is, as you will know, because you will already have read about it, is the fact that it isn't a straight copy.............she stamps her own personality on it, and there are no horns. At times, it seems a bit too understated, a bit Eva Cassidy, but it is always redeemed by the glorious, soulful, unutterably saucy sensuality of Lynnes voice. She made a great album a few years back, which is possibly the sauciest record I have heard, and she can still do sauce.

The transfer window has closed. Boo. Blues signed 3 new players, Mcfadden, who has some talent, Zarate who looks to have some serious talent (the new Jose) and Murphy, a left back from a faraway country of whom we know little. So we are better off than we were 4 weeks ago, yet many Blues fans are in despair, because we didn't sign all sorts of mediocre centre halves. Mind you, after our performance in the week, maybe we should be in despair. At least we aren't Newcastle fans.

A mulitalented man.
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