Saturday, July 12, 2008

My White Bicycle

I have to admit that when I saw Mark Cavendish winning a couple of stages of the Giro, I did sort of think that, you know, the real ball hadn't come out yet, even though, as a bit of an aficionado, I should have known better. The whole sporting world knows better now, as he has won another stage of Le Tour, and this win, in my view, was even better than the last one. All the top sprinters were here, and he just killed them. It's a pity that cycling doesn't have a higher profile in this country, because what Cavendish is doing is bloody astonishing. It would be astonishing for anyone, but he's one of ours, for Christs sake. Sort of. We should be dancing in the streets and cavorting in fountains.

It has been a good week for sporting quotes. First, at the test, lugubrious Lancastrian everyman David Lloyd commented that the South African Jaques Kallis was looking a bit porky. Shaun Pollock, the South African in the commentary box and ex team mate of Kallis defended him, saying that it was the sweaters he was wearing that made him look fat, Lloyd replied that he wasn't wearing a sweater on his face.

The next might be apocryphal. Peter Crouch was asked what he would have been if he hadn't been a professional footballer and he replied, "a virgin"

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