Wednesday, December 24, 2008

While You Were Sleeping

It is 9.25 on Christmas Eve and I have been to work, come home, put every Felice track I have on a playlist and pressed repeat, cooked a ham, the best I have yet done (a bastardisation of Jamie Oliver's jerk ham), made some sausage rolls, made some stuffing for tomorrow, arsed about a bit, introduced the youngest to Lynrd Skyrd and Bob Marley (neither of whom I'm overly fond of) and had a bit to drink. I'm about ready to collapse, but it will be hours before I get to bed, then it will seem like minutes before I am woken up again. It probably will be minutes.

My record of the year list still consists of the Felice Brothers, but two mentions have to go to famous children................Teddy Thompson, who I will be seeing in January and Elvis Perkins, whose album is brilliant; most of it is anyway and it will stand up for years to come.

3 good articles today slagging Cameron off in the Guardian. I can't be bothered linking to them, you know where the Guardian site is, but it's nice to see that, finally, he is getting some stick. One of the articles is about how his front bench rebelled against him and his idea of banning them from taking up dozens of directorships. They said that they would point out that he doesn't need directorships, because he has inherited millions.

This tells you all you need to know about the bastard Tories. The old Etonian leader(s) are hypocrites and the rest of them are so consumed with greed they would rather betray their leader than give up easy money. Note that they didn't rebel on a point of principle, they squealed like stuck pigs because it was suggested that they concentrated their efforts on the jobs that are elected, and well remunerated to do.
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