Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr Moto

So, I spent the whole of yesterday wiping eggs from my face, large numbers of eggs. Oh God, Blues are shit. Mind you, this comes as no surprise so theres no point getting too upset over it. Some of my fellow fans are getting a bit too emotional, they need to exercise a bit of perspective. There are far greater things in the world to become distraught over. Fair enough, immediately after a game, and long into the night, bad, dark thoughts can endure, but once you have had a sleep and the hangover has started to wear off, it's probably time to grow up a bit.

Actually, I spent most of yesterday at Southerndown beach. I woke up, opened the curtains, saw the sunshine and thought, oh shit, I have absolutely no chance of spending the day lazing about the house, reading the papers and watching the football, and sure enough, her first words on opening her eyes from her beautiful slumber were, "where we going to go then?" Mind you, it was splendiferous, as the many thousands of others who had the same idea will attest, and it really felt as though winter was being blown away.

There's something about Trevor Phillips which I find a bit creepy; he seems just a bit too smooth and bit too self assured, I give him a great big standing ovation for this though:

The biggest things that are driving inequality today are class, place, culture and sometimes structure in institutions. The task today is not to shout for blacks or women, but to break the grip of white men who went to public school.

Southerndown Beach, Glamorgan Heritage Coast Feb 09
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