Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rebel Side of Heaven

After the first day of electioneering, I thought the Tories had it in the bag, but my hopes that they can still snatch a spectacular defeat from the jaws of victory have risen. I was a bit dismayed that the letter from businessmen about national insurance got so much prominence and was given so much credence. After all, big business looking after its own narrow and selfish interests is hardly news is it? Little by little though, the counterargument is being put, and put well.

Added to this there is the fun to be had with Chris Grayling and the fact that that every tory initiative is being exposed as a sham. The glossy Cameron PR is not surviving even a cursory reading of the small print. Some Labour types are coming up with good quotes too, I liked Darlings reference to Gideon being wrong all the time, about everything and I liked Straws quote to the effect that in Blackburn, they are still feeling the pain from the last recession. 3 massive cheers to Vince Cable too, for his description of the businessmen as nauseating.

Malcolm Tucker: inspired

Meanwhile, Ben Folds and his audience had some hilarious fun with chat roulette
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