Friday, August 12, 2016

First things first. It's been a bit of a disappointing start to the season for Blues, however, we haven't conceded. We haven't scored, but we haven't conceded. When I say we haven't conceded, I mean in 90 minutes. We did concede in the 120th minute to Oxford, but that doesn't really count, coz we hadn't warmed up yet. We hadn't had time to find the real ball. We've now signed Greg Stewart, from Dundee, and Che Adams, from Sheffield Utd, both for peanuts,and we have high hopes for both. Which is a bit fucking ludicrous really, but hey, it's only rock'n'roll, and I like it, like it, yes I do.

It could be worse, we could support the Villa. 2 games, 2 defeats one to 4th division Luton. As a wise man more or less said, only the other week.....they aren't as clever as they think they are.

Talking of clever cunts, the Parliamentary Labour Party continues to make the politburo look like Quakers.

They are celebrating a win in court today, a win which has denied 130,000 new members a vote in the leadership election. I can't get too exercised about it, having accepted it when the NEC made the decision, not that I had any choice other than to accept it. The main thing was that despite the best efforts of the right of the party, Corbyn is on the ballot. That's victory enough.  he may have been denied 13000 votes but he didn't need them the first time and he doesn't need them now. He'll piss it. Comrade.

As old Bob said in a song, "You Don't Need A Weatherman To See Which Way The Wind Blows" but young Owen and the dopes who have set him up wouldn't see which way the wind is blowing if they found themselves toe to toe with a hurricane.  The anti elite movement doesn't only consist of disgruntled Labour lefties, it consists of millions, all across the world.

Here, in the UK, we have had the rise, (insignificant but a rise) of UKIP whose rhetoric is anti establishment, anti elite . We have had brexit, which was a rather large rejection of Our Masters Voice. We have had the complete destruction of the traditional elite parties in Scotland. And in all cases Big Media has mocked and ridiculed the eventual victors. They didn't realise then,  and they refuse to accept now, that people are thirsty for change, any change. They are sick of the elite. Sick of apologists for the 1%. Sick of charlatans. Sick of chancers. Sick of liars.

And we, in Britain are mere followers. There was Venezuela, and Brazil, and Bolivia, then there was Greece and Spain. There is a movement, a huge, popular movement, all across the world, where ordinary folk are saying NO FUCKING MORE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Corbyn and Momentum manifest that worldwide desire for change. It's unstoppable, and the more the petit bourgeoisie try to stop it, the less likely they are to succeed, as any cunt who has read any history will tell you. So the labour apparatchiks can go to the capitalist court and beg the lords and the  ladies to save 'em, but, when all is said, and all is done, they are all Marie Antoinette now.

And they better fucking hope that the rest of us aren't Robespierre.
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