Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Forest away tonight,0-0.As good as we could expect in the circumstances I suppose.To tell the truth the result tonight held little interest for me.The identity of our new manager is all that bothers me at the moment.It looks increasingly likely that it will be Steve Bruce,who so far in his managerial career has achieved precisely nothing and is on his 4th club in as many years.Not exactly inspiring.The messageboard is obsessed with gossip.Hard to believe it used to be the best football messageboard around.Now taken over by bored office workers having a love in.A few of them reckon they know the "real " reason Trevor Francis left,won't post it because its too sensitive.Just want everyone else to know they have privileged information.Utter bollocks man.
Life is not all football however..some very interesting stuff in the Guardian today by 2 jonathans,Steel and Freedland.Funny thing with Freedlands article,7500 died over 72 hrs in Srbenica,yet it had nothing like the resonace of the New York attacks.Somehow New York seems much closer to home,even though srbenica is almost literally in our back yard,2ish hours away on a plane.Scary shit.Weird that it looks like another world,nothing to do with us,which may explain a lot.Very good point made that in a relatively small area controlled by "us" Karadice is still at large.I fear many innocents have yet to die fruitless deaths while old bin liner sees us all off.
Steeles piece is not dissimilar,I found the paragraph on the "empathy deficit" particularly provoking of thought.
Also came across this in the Guardian about a Tory m.p name of Allason who a judge described as the biggest liar he has ever come across.Also found this about Jeffrey Archer who has been described similarly by another judge.They seem to be moving him through the system with indecent haste.All this hard on the heels of Jonathon Aitken and the guy with the harridan for a wife ,ex of Tatton,name escapes me.Love to see a Tory humiliated.Not that it seems to bother them.
Light relief??? hmmm don't seem to have had any,apart fom seeing the man utd result.(lost 3-2 at home to Deportivo Coruna.)
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