Friday, October 26, 2001

grimbsby 3-brum 1 fuckinell.Grimbsy had lost their last seven,and had deserved to by all accounts.Then we turn up on a good run.I predicted it early this mornStill no news on new manager. Still dont know if we are being solding and put it on the message board.Doubt if I will get any thanks.Could be top now but we aint.Still no news on new manager.Still unclear if we are up for sale.Some have said to chairman we are bluenoses fuck off to wales you poison dwarf,we were here long before you and will be here long after you.INCORRECT.Withoutthis guy we likely have expired long ago.Still some on the messgeboard seem to think he the devils represntative on earth and that or plight is worthy of trivialising.No sense of history.
had an online chat withy my young friend flavio a couple of weeks ago about actors.We decided Jeff Bridges is very underated.
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