Sunday, April 13, 2003

I suppose I have to mention the BBC's Big Read. It's a very noble idea, I like it because it doesn't offer any choice, you have to think for yourself before you vote.

Another extremely noble gesture is displayed by Mathew Branton. He is so filled with loathing for a publishing industry that keeps pumping out garbage designed for absolutely the lowest common denominator, that he is is giving away his latest novel for free, over the internet. Just go to his site and look for it, then download it.
He explains in todays Observer why he is doing it.

Joey Pants, or Joe Pantoliano, who was Ralphie in the Sopranos and has been much else besides, has his own website, it ain't that brilliant to be honest but it does have a lenghty excerpt from his biography, which is worth a look.

My word, this is turning into quite the literary blog today: Barcelona Plates by Alexei Sayle.

Suzanne Goldenberg visits a Baghdad hospital, while Robert Fisk has a look at a museum.

How to use chopsticks.

April 13 is the day that Sikhs celebrate the festival of Vaisaki

Wordspy is pretty cool. It explains words and phrases that are coming into common usage.

This very simple helicopter flying game is liable to drive you nuts.

Encyclopedia Titanica is an amazing thing which contains masses of information about The Titanic and its passengers.

Chill out.

Comical Ali tribute site.
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