Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Sunday Times had loads of stuff on broadband in today. I found Sputnik 7 there, highly recommended, not only for the Manu Chao videos it has on it. Live 365 and Johnny Broadband have gone into my favourites as well, the problem is, there is just too much good stuff out there.

It appears that there is growth in the devolpment of child free estates, where no one under 45 is allowed in. I am all for that, this afternoon there were 8 nippers in my garden, none of whom were mine and only one of whom I recognised, there were more in various parts of the house; God knows who half of them were.

This morning we had a walk through a beautiful bluebell wood about 20 miles from here. At one point a woman who must have been about 80 and was wearing an outrageous headscarf announced imperiously that we were so lucky to have such a beautiful wood for the nippers to play in. We could do little but agree, timorously. She said that when she purchased the wood she was 6 grand short so a friend gave it to her. Oh, Mrs Buddha said, which bit of the wood do you own? All of it, she said, and strode off. I tell you, she was terrifying!
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