Friday, March 14, 2008

Dance Stance

I haven't done any wrunning for weeks, I could blame the inclement turn in the weather, but the only reason is that I am a lazy fat fucker. I feel guilty, because people have been generous, and those kind souls that have donated can rest easy in the knowledge that I will be doing it, and I will be suffering. I won't be doing anything before Sunday............all that will achieve is more unnecessary pain.

I was in Cardiff earlier. The place was full of gangs of French males, all polite, all quiet, all sober, all enjoying themselves without behaving like Neanderthals. I had a rare night out in Cardiff the other week, full of gangs of blokes, all with hats on indoors and jackets zipped right up to the chin, all taking up too much space, all talking and laughing too loud, all being belligerent and obnoxious and all of them, even at 6pm, pissed. Mind you, it was Cardiff City territory and I doubt if I was a pretty sight myself by midnight.

Thanks to Steve for the tip re the Felice Brothers. Sat through an hour and a bit of gibberish to hear one track, it was worth it though. I was hopig to find some kind of a stream from South by Southwest but I couldn't, I did find a stream from last year of the brilliant, utterly brilliant Beirut

The two youngest were at swimming with the mother last night while I endured parents night at the comp with the eldest. His extended family will be proud of him, nuff said. While the others waiting in the crush for one lesson to end and clear and the other to begin, with bored parents and children just hanging around, the littlest one, my wrunning partner, piped up:

"is dad a Brummie"?

"yes" his mother replied,

"Well, whats a scouser"? he asked?

"It's someone from Liverpool", she said

"is it true that they steal everybody's hubcaps"? he enquired

Guess who got the blame for that?
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