Monday, March 31, 2008


I can't remember if I have banged on here much about meditation; I think I probably have, but I try not to be too evangelical, although I will not hesitate to recommend it in the real world, if I come across someone who might benefit from it. Actually, I do hesitate, quite frequently, but I will share my opinion on the subject when I think it might be appropriate. Today though, I shall evangelicise, because I have just watched a brilliant programme on the box all about it.

A babe doctor went off on all sorts of jollies to discuss meditation with various bods and then tried to put it to the scientific test. She was sceptical regarding it's claims to cure ill physical health, but was much more positive regarding its benefits on emotional well being and talked to scientists who are busy proving its efficacy. The point being, it has great benefits even when you are well, so don't just take my word for it when I say we should all be doing it, take hers as well.

The programme can be seen for the next 7 days on the BBC i player, and I really cannot stress how good and inspiring it is. As Charlie Brooker said when recommending The Wire...."oh, just ####### watch it!" One of the bods she talked to early in the programme was Matthieu Ricard, whose book I have read and which I heartily recommend (I said I was going to be evangelical)
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