Friday, September 26, 2008

Seasons in the Sun

James Crumley has kicked the bucket. He was no spring chicken and he had been poorly for a while, but it's sad, just the same. His books are worth a look, if you like that sort of thing; they won't change your life, but they will take you away from it for a short while.

I know that at least two people who pass this way from time to time like Sam Baker, so it's only fair that I let them know that he performed live and was interviewed on the Iain Anderson show on Thursday. If they don't visit before next Thursday they have had it, because the programme is only archived for a week.

Poverty kills. It's great isn't it? Ever piece of research we see related to poverty and inequality tells us that the poor get the shitty end of the tick, every time, yet still we persist with absurd notion that capitalism works. The increasingly idiotic Nicky Campbell said on the radio this morning that capitalism is the only way, because it is our way. Ye fucking gods. Meanwhile,as Bush squirms and bleats and squeals that the state should intervene to save the banks and his mate Paulsen gets on his knees and begs for help, you can buy a house from some poor skint dreamer for 800 quid. Thats his own fault though, so fuck him. Capitalism. I love it.

Talking of freedom loving peoples: 6 years in Guantamano. It will make you are proud that you are on the right side.

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