Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Statue of Liberty

If you go to Chicago Public Radio and have a mooch around you will eventually find the page of This American Life and if you mooch around there you will find this , which includes a short piece by Richard Price on a night spent with some New York cops and you will probably love it. Price, in case you were wondering wrote The Wanderers, Sea of Love, Clockers and loads more brilliant books and screenplays as well as contributing to The Wire.............so it has to be worth a listen.

I can now safely advise you, if you like that sort of thing, to purchase Kittyhawk Down. The plot is complex but, just about, believable but that is secondary to the characters, all of whom are recognisably flawed human beings and all of whom have a hinterland; which made a welcome change from the uncomplicated simplicities of the characters in the last book I read. Very good stuff it is.

The Life and Death of the Football Song
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