Friday, January 15, 2010

Lay All Your Love On Me

This weeks snow has left me lacking gruntle: over a weeks leave has now gone to snow so what the devil do I do when the kids need looking after at half term and Easter and on teacher training days  and if they fall ill? Never mind if I just fancy a chuffing rest. It's even more annoying as the nurses who we share an office with only need book leave if they are out for more than one day, per snowfall and people doing the same job as me in the county in which I reside were told not go in unless they could walk in, 3 days running.
Snot fair!

Moreover, I have to wield a shovel, at home and at work. This morning, because they had cleared the road, but not the car park, loads of people were caught unawares and just drove in, only to find themselves well and truly stuck. Me and a couple of colleagues came over all chivalrous and went out to help someone, only to end up helping half a dozen other chuffers, not many of whom showed much gratitude. I went to university so that I would no longer have to spend hours in the rain shovelling shit. Something has gone wrong somewhere!

Never mind all that, tomorrow the Blues play Portsmouth. This is our biggest test yet.This is the game that we would be bound to lose, normally. We, on a run, go to a club in desperate straits and screw it up. If we win this one, we will definitely know that things have changed and that, as Blues fans, we need to prepare ourselves for a very different existence; one characterised by hope and positivity. I'm not sure we will be able to handle it.

Eck of course has gone from being prize chump to the best manager the game has ever seen in 3 short months. I don't believe it, and I doubt if he does. He wasn't a chump when he was accused of that and he isn't a messiah now. He found himself on a steep learning curve when he arrived and then another one after we went down. He shown that have can learn his lessons and learn them well, but a couple of defeats and a handful of injuries and it might all start to look a bit different. The best thing about this run is that it has stopped all the shrieking from the more hysterical of our brethren. Long may it continue.

If anyone happens to come across Geoff Hoon or Pat Hewitt, give them a dirty look, the traitorous pair of bastards………….they would do well to consider what a Tory victory will mean to to the less well off (me!) before they start feeding their already over fed egos. The bastards.

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