Friday, June 11, 2010

Me No Pop I

First day of the cup, and I can't be arsed to search around for good stuff. Been too busy, am too tired.

The opening day was as expected really………dull. I didn't see the first game but caught up with the very brief highlights online. Good to see that "The Wires" McNulty has found something to keep him occupied and that he is scoring vital equalisers for Mexico.

As for the other game. Well. I might just have been down at St Andrews, such was the innovation, wit and excitement on display. France were distinctly unlovely, and what the hell is going on with Govou…….he is entirely the wrong shape and build to be a footballer. He looks like an extra in an old Richard Pryor film.

I complained the other day that we have no opposition, well Alastair Darling is fighting back, trouble is, he seems to be fighting his own side too.
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