Friday, June 18, 2010

Valley Town

Meet the new half. Same as the old half.

The best thing about vuvuzelas is that they are drowning out the sound of the England band.

James hasn't been playing regularly for England, Barry cannot be match fit, Carragher hasn't been involved for years, Heskey can't even get in the Villa team. It seems to be a strange time to be bedding a team in.

65 mins in. It's a bit grim. I foresee Rooney becoming a headless chicken.

71 mins and we still lack cohesion but we are playing with more urgency and are starting to create chances. I'm enjoying this game. I may be in a minority

I'm enjoying it less now, at 82 minutes. Algeria have run out of puff and are as bad as us. And we are very bad.

All over. Fabio looks fed up. Fans boo.

I have a new prediction, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth
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