Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Here I am with another list. This time top ten movies. It's a very serious list and again a movie list makes me feel like a philistine. In certain circles, I'm considered something of a movie snob, and I wouldn't neccesarily disagree with this list, certainly not all of it. Citizen Kane though, please!. It is chuffin boring. A Space Odyssey, its boring. La R├Ęgle du jeu ? boring. Sunrise I have never heard of . 8 and a half is unwatchable. I think these lists are compiled or voted for by middle class fools eager to display their credentials, for the average joe blow they must be meaningless. See? I am a philistine.

Getting out of the Bronx (NY Times)

It now seems inevitable that the US will attack Iraq. Young Bush is likely to go ahead regardless of the view of Congress
Lets have a debate.
A useful page of war related links.
More war stuff

Cardiff Bay, as it was.

Punch and Judy. There is some brilliant stuff here.
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