Monday, August 19, 2002

A Peter Kay "John Smiths" advert which you are unlikely to see on the telly, and other uncouth stuff.

Football message boards seem to have their own etiquette, help is at hand, however.

Using this cool calorie calculator (via eclectica) I discovered that if I clean my teeth for 15 minutes I shall burn 36 calories. Who needs a gym membership?

An account of male sensibilities in the kitchen, although being of the just chuck something together school I don't happen to agree with the guy.

Talking of chucking things together, this article, which is diverting in itself, contains a recipe for pasta and chickpea soup. Now there are many variations of this, but I would never have considered doing it like this. It looked so easy I gave it a try. It was easy and chuffin delicious, it will become a staple in our house.

Anyone fancy a curry?

An LA Weekly interview with Tony Wilson, self styled "biggest wanker in the history of Manchester"

My eldest nipper loves the books of Lemony Snickett, the website is ok too, for nippers. The guy appears to cultivate an air of mystery about himself, but it turns out he palys accordian for The Magnetic Fields who are responsible for one of the best albums of the last decade or so. Stephin Merit contributes a song to the website

A very timely, important and thoughtful article on differing reactions to new albums by Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle.
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