Friday, August 30, 2002

Joel Veitch does the business, yet again.

For some reason which escapes me now, I was posting on the unofficial Birmingham City site Singing The Blues about my love for America and Americana. The good thing about the U.S is there is always something new to explore, like this view of an afternoon in Queens. Lifted from the brilliantly consistent Plep

The Queens link above wasn't quite right, this is the one It will take you to the same place eventually but there is a picture on it. I swear it is the well known Blues fan and chitterling eater BobHarford, in Balsall Heath circa 1963.

It appears I am 26% gay, how gay are you? (via Miguel Cardoso on metafilter)

Well, the Blues scored their first goal and got their first point against Everton on Wednesday. I suppose we should be gratified that we all all ended up disappointed not to have won (away) against an established Premiership team. The game and subsequent comments leave all sorts of questions. Although we scored it was from a penalty. We do not look very dangerous in open play and as ever, as I have mentioned before, our strikers are brilliant at being "unlucky". Also we lost the equalising goal in the 4th minute of injury time, having played most of the second half against ten men. We were faffing about trying to frustrate Everton at the corner flag with 11 minutes to go. That really is timid football and the premier league is no place for the timid or the polite.
To our managers credit he has since said we were asking to be punished and should have taken the game to them. Initially, I thought big up to the Bruce but recalled that it is characteristic of our play. We could say it is a legacy of the previous managers over cautious approach, but I don't think so. Many of the team are new, and Glenn Roeder of West Ham has said he learnt from watching us against Arsenal; he couldn't believe the respect we gave them. Subsequently West Ham got in amongst them very quickly and were very unlucky not to win. They at least got a point. I also recall the run that got us to the play offs last season, which was not characterised by adventurous, free flowing and fearless football. Of the 3 actual play off games we managed only 1 win. So young Steve has to accept some responsibility.
Tomorrow we have Leeds, who have just got rid of Robbie Keane because he was deemed surplus to requirements. Puts it all in perspective a bit. I believe we can win this for the simple reason I believe we can win any game, which we can. I saw a very poor Blues team beat a very good Liverpool team at Anfield in about 1976 or 77. There could not have been more than about 20 Blues fans there. Most people I know said I was stupid to waste my money going, we had no chance. But that was in in the days I used to go to every game, home and away, regardless. Odd that I now get mocked as a part timer by fools who have known nothing but relative success. C├ęst La Vie. Liverpool were in their heyday at this point, and we were 3-0 up inside about 20 minutes. Never discount any team, ever. Having said that such days are very rare indeed.
I find it quite gratifying that tomorrows game is not a sell out and that tickets are available on the day. Leeds are out of the top drawer and definitely one of the major attractions of the season. We were told that the price hikes were justified because every game would be a sell out and that that was the price of being in the Prem. Like it or lump it. Well for the second week running , if you want to get in you will. Not everyone is a mug it seems. It's not so much a case of can't afford it as won't afford it seems, to me. If I were to take my Mrs, the 2 nippers and the babby I would have to shell out in excess of 100 quid even for poor seats. Add to that a 200 mile round trip and all the garbage the kids would demand and at least 2 decent meals out plus parking and that price is near enough doubled. Plus I like a pint or three.
It has been suggested that if you were a true supporter you would go without and make sacrifices. Fuck that for a game of tin soldiers. Why should anyone go without. If the market decides the price is too high the club can still be grateful to all the santimonious mugs who will keep shelling out anyway, then squeal like stuck pigs when the market decides it might be an idea to introduce kids for a quid.
Anyway, season tickets are still available and tickets are easy to come by. In my youth I travelled the lentgh and breadth of the country, every week. Often it would feel like the 4 or 5 of us who went were the only Blues fans there. It's time people realised we don't have the fantastic support base people assume we do.
The transfer window has closed today and we signed no one. It's obvious we lack quality. Why should fans sacrifice anything if the club are unwilling to take a chance? The mantra is 4th from bottom will be a triumph. Will it bollocks. I do not suppose Chievo or Alaves started with that attitude when they came from nowhere to storm the Italian and Spanish leagues. I suppose the hard working joe blows will take their cue from our board and keep their money in their pockets.

It aint the heat: it's the humility
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