Sunday, September 08, 2002

As far as I am concerned, you can never have enough chick pea recipes, although personally I would add a pinch of cumin to the hummous recipe .
More from Nigel Slater
Recipes from Egypt, where they are partial to a chick pea or three.

LA Times article wondering why more Americans don't visit Girona in Northern Spain. Given that thousands of Brits pass through its airport I wonder why more don't spend some time there. It is a beautiful city. I once stopped exhausted at a cafe, on a Ramblas type place and asked for the menu. I was informed the kitchen didn't open for a couple of hours, but if I liked they would knock us up some tapas. We agreed, 5 minutes later we were presented with plates of all sorts of hot and cold tapas, all of which was delicious and it cost pennies. In Britain we would have been lucky to get a bag of scratchings.

Abebooks now has a UK site.

I was only thinking this morning that I would have to be careful which sites I browse now the Sopranos is back on in the US. Last time round I got hit by a pretty big spoiler. So what did I do when I saw a New York Times article on the programme? I clicked.
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