Monday, September 09, 2002

Chomsky on swamps and mosquitoes

It's not all war and chuffin chick peas. There is also Bowies Memories of a Free Festival, as performed at Glastonbury by 1 Giant Leap, with an all star cast of collaborators. Sort of.
You can download an entire Radiohead gig here, if you are so inclined.

It's not often we here anything from Laura Bush. She has popped up recently though telling American parents not to let their nippers watch coverage of the events of 9/11 last year. Read a book instead she says, well that's always good advice. With a bit of luck George might try it.
George takes after his mum, apparently. She is a real charmer.
Georges diary.

I was quite sad to notice today that Frank Keating has written his last column for the Guardian. It was Keating and to a lesser extent Michael White who first got me hooked on the Guardian about 20 years ago. His style was really essence of Guardian: knowledgable, witty, incredibly well written, and most of all fun. You always got the sense with him that he knew he had a brilliant job and he was bloody well going to enjoy it, he has been a pleasure to read. Hopefully, like Nancy Banks Smith he will appear regularly despite having retired. His book Band of Brothers on the England rugby team is something of a neglected classic and well worth getting hold of. I think he wrote a celebrated account of an England cricket tour to India as well, but I might be wrong.
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