Monday, September 30, 2002

Still more pictures of New York

Some might say Barnett Newman painted stripes on blobs of colour. Despite my philistine tendencies, I think there is more to it than that.
A more serious consideration of Barnetts work.

Usually I moan when the Mrs starts buying pumpkins and carving them up for the nippers. Not only is it a waste of money it is another example of the creeping Americanisation of our culture. I am sure we did not carve pumpkins in Balsall Heath when I was a nipper. We certainly didn't go trick or chuffin treating. If she takes up this idea though she can cut as many pumpkins as she likes and I will decorate the street with them.

A while back I described the Independent as grim and humourless, or something like that. Since then I have hardly stopped linking to the bloody thing. Here is an account of the Stop The War march on Saturday. Admittedly it's not very funny.

Where is Bin Laden? (NY Times link)

Believe me, this word game is a bit addictive, be careful when you start it or you are liable to be up half the night.

Its all very well science coming up with an answer to everything but it does tend to upset ones romantic and mystical sensibilities. Zen Gardens explained.
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