Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Joe Pantoliano who plays Ralph Cifaretto in the Sopranos has written a book. It seems he has much to write about. I like a guy with a hinterland.
Talking of the Sopranos, a clip from the upcoming series can be found here. Upcoming in the US that is.

Chuck Woodbury travelled around the west of the US looking for stories, and he found them, in spades. (via plep)

Nicky Campbell is a presenter on the BBC. He was a radio 1 DJ and a game show host but has reinvented himself as the voice of the nation, quite successfully too it has to be said. Richard Littlejohn is a classic, rabid, right wing tabloid journalist. Will Self is an intellectual with a sneery tone and opinions that are probably to the left, but he is a bit of an iconoclast. When the 3 met on Campbells radio show, sparks flew, hilariously. (via popism).
You can read a review of Littlejohns novel here.
You can punch him here.

Six premiership managers will have to undertake a coaching course, unless they have ten years management experience. I find it astonishing that even now, people have to be persuaded of the benefits of having a sound theoretical knowledge. The new Pro Licence is to become mandatory yet only 5 current managers possess it. It's a bit sad but all too predictable that Blues very own Steve Bruce is the most unqualified manager in the division. I wonder what happens if anyone fails?
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