Sunday, September 22, 2002

Sand Art. Very soothing.

It is a bit difficult to know what to make of Cosmic Baseball, other than that is fantastic. It doesn't seem to have much to do with baseball, but it does have information and links to all sorts of esoteric people and websites, I could spend almost as much time there as I did on sand art.

Back in the eighties there was a genuinely popular revolution in Nicaragua. Almost immediately it became a nation of poets and artists, literacy rates shot up, infant mortality rates dropped dramatically. It offered a way forward to many other, similar economies.
The US wasn't having any of it though, the tiny country was setting a bad example to others, who might also wish to educate their people and provide them with healthcare. It funded and trained a guerilla army well versed in dirty tricks and general mayhem. Finally the Sandinista's were elected out by a population weary of sanctions and war. There then started a period of tragic decline,with Nicaragua now poorer than any other nation bar Haiti. To find out that the last, US backed president fleeced the country to the tune of 100 million dollars doesn't make me angry, I'm too long in the tooth for that. It makes me incredibly sad though, for what might have been.


Prince Charles has written to Tony Blair complaining that farmers suffer more discrimination (Sunday Times link) than blacks and gays. Well we know the royal family are very, very thick, it seems they are also absolutely barking. God give me chuffin strength.

Yoga for nippers, it would be a miracle if I could get my 3 to sit still long enough to watch this.
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