Thursday, October 31, 2002

Bleedin hell it's been a miserable day in work, it's a good job I am of a gentle disposition or I would marmalise someone. It's driven me to drink. I never (well, rarely) drink midweek, but I was drawn by some strange force to the wine department at Sainsburys on the way home. Now I'm home, getting stuck in.

Things seemed to be improving when I noticed Aki has updated. Since starting writing for the Times, he seems to have lost a little vim, it could have something to do with being managed by Trevor Francis though, I suppose.

Interesting piece on the delicate lingusitics displayed by much of the western media in describing the Chechen hostage takers.

Famous Belgians: Plastic Bertrand. He really is plastic, he hasn't aged in about 25 years, unless there is a photo him rotting somewhere. If you are outside of the UK and under about 40, this will mean nothing to you, just pretend you didn't see it.
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