Wednesday, October 02, 2002

It seems Blues are going to be punished one way or another following the celebrations on the pitch at the Villa game. This is fair enough in my book, Blues fans have a long history of this and the club does nothing, so we have been asking for it. Some might argue that you can't blame the club if people run on the pitch and it is a fair point, but if we had been seen or even perceived to be taking the problem seriously we might get more sympathy.
It is the guy who was in Enklemans face that seems to have prompted the FA to act and his actions provide a perfect illustration of how we have largely disregarded the issue. He got on the pitch, frolicked about for a bit, danced around in front of Enkleman giving him the wanker sign and returned to his seat, all the while unmolested by either police or stewards, even after he had returned to his seat. It hardly sends a message of robust stewarding does it.
If he had been grabbed while on the pitch and chucked out with no regard for his dignity at least a message would have been sent to others. If we had properly stewarded the Tilton and Kop the issue may never have arisen. The fact is he was allowed to act like a tit, with impunity. Arguing that emotions were running high so the invasions were understandable is cobblers. Some of our fans habitually behave like great big babies, unable to control their emotions. They run on the pitch anytime we score a goal in an important game (Millwall away excepted), so it was all entirely predictable, yet no precautions were put in place.
Well now their will be a price to pay. Our owners can afford it, whatever it turns out to be, but of course they won't be the ones to pay it.
I know some Blues fans will bleat that others do it; what about Cardiff and West Ham and Manchester United? All irrelevant. No one has a history of it like us and none of the others allowed a fan to get in the face of an oppostion player like that. What others have done or might do has nothing to do with it and does not diminish the effects of tardiness in planning on our part.

Big up to Paul Devlin on his Scotland call up, they are in worse trouble than I thought.
We are away at Orient in the League Cup tonight and other than being intrigued by the potential line up I couldn't care less. Will still watch on the box though.
An interview with our chairman.

Bugger, I don't know why I don't take my own advice. Decided to read a Sopranos piece and got hit by a spoiler in the second paragraph, didn't read the rest. Now I will hate myself for the rest of the week. I should have learnt when I read about the rape of Melfi about 3 months before the series even aired in the UK. Looks like it might be a good article if you don't mind visiting calamity upon yourself.

Willie Nelson, seems like a wise old, kindly old dude.

Think of the Children
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