Monday, October 14, 2002

This blog has been reviewed by Bloggy Opinions. It is a fair enough review, not very good, but the reviewer seems to have had a proper look so I can't complain. Sports obsessed though? Cheeky chuffer.

Following my little education rant yesterday there has been a decent thread on mefi. I particularly like this link posted by languagehat. Well not liked exactly, but found it interesting in the context.

As shocking and horrific as the bombing in Bali is, it should concentrate the minds of those who still believe tha Iraq is our major enemy. A leading article in the Independent argues that without justice, there will always be people willing to blow innocent tourists up.
The Washington Post suggests that to be distracted from the war on terrorism is a mistake. Well I would argue that waging war on Iraq is such a distraction. Richard Norton Taylor is convinced that valuable resources which could be used to fight terrorism are being wasted on a pointless quest to link Iraq with Al Quaeda

A very strange, quite beautiful and slightly disturbing game.

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