Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The berk who ran on the pitch when Blues beat Villa and pranced about in front of the Villa goalie, giving him the wanker sign before patting him on the cheek, has got himself a 4 month spell in chokie. Well. It seems a bit harsh, but fuck him. Three times he ran on the pitch, still not enough to justify a prison term but so what.
Some Blues fans have been getting on my nerves for years with their penchant for getting on the pitch. It is stupid and unneccessary and indulged in by spoilt brats and exhibitionists. The sort who dress up as tarts or babies on pudsey bear day or whatever it is called. This tit must have been aware of the rules against running on the pitch, but chose to ignore them, three times. He is the sort of bloke who does not give a shit about anyone else and will do whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences, or the effect on others. "Look at me", that's all that matters. Blues have previous when it comes to pitch encroachments, and one day we will be punished, but that day may be a bit further off if Harper and his ilk think twice.
For running on the pitch, the sentence was harsh, if I was the judge though, I would have dealt with him harshly simply because he is a prick.

The top 50 of the Pitchfork top 100 albums of the eighties is now up.

The pussy cat that followed your mouse was dead cute, this eye isn't.

Barking game in which you are buggered if you don't shoot the buggers.

Badger racing.

Interview with Will Oldham, or Palace, or, if you prefer, Bonnie Prince Billy. He is barking.

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