Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Zen and photography via Plep.

The U.S does not have a noble history when it comes to looking after their one time allies. Now that the Taliban have gone, or at least been removed from power, little effort seems to be made to ensure the that people living in towns, villages and cities do not die of starvation or cold or both. The first Bush famously told the Iraqi people to rise up against their oppressor before hot footing it out of there and leaving them to their fate. I fear for what awaits the Iraqi people once regime change has been effected. History suggests that the U.S will not be among their greatest benefactors.
I posted a Polly Toynbee article last week which detailed some of the misery and suffering of Afghans, there is plenty more if you care to look for it. Like this.
Their Arab neighbours won't be much help either.

The International Childrens Digital Library, despite being a bit of a mouthful, seems like brilliant resource. Unfortunately, I can't get into the bugger. If anyone works it out, give us a nod?

I was last in the office tonight and the fuck faced cowbag went out of her way to say goodnight. Now I am bricking it.

A bit more Bush bashing. The media gets a kicking too.

Cybermouse game. Bloody Chuffing Impossible.

Jet fighter paper aeroplane. I am buggered if I have the patience for it.

All you could possibly wish to know about the Samurai.

Elephant illusion.
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