Saturday, November 23, 2002

My run of good luck continues, I smashed my bumper this morning. Oh bollards, I muttered.

Viking kittens.

Sunderland 0 Blues 1: three beautiful, saucy, sexy points.

Farting nuns organ. I promise, this is hilarious.

It appears that over 100 people died and many more were badly injured during rioting in Nigeria sparked by an article having a go at Muslims who objected to the Miss World contest being held there. I was amazed that the sorry farago still exists, and given those events I wish it didn't. The organisers have "cancelled" the thing, it will now be held in London. Have they no shame, 100 people dead and God knows how many lives blighted, and for the organisers of Miss World, it is an inconvenience. There's no such thing as bad publicity, I suppose.
The website of the paper that started it all.
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