Monday, February 17, 2003

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Picallilli Dilli
This was a day which confounded dozens of assumptions about our age
Blair's 'moral' case for war in Iraq is shot full of holes
Flood of emotion and anger that rose to wash away years of dismay
It was the largest political gathering of any kind in British history and an emphatic popular retort to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. This was a million people voting against him with their feet.
It wasn't a march, it was an invasion – central London taken over by a million or more peace-lovers.
"There's just been another inspection", a man wearing a trilby told his friend. We all pricked up our ears. But he was talking about racing at Ascot, rather than weapons in Baghdad.

"Do you want a life with thrills, years of exhilaration? Come to New York.
Where yesterday they said they did not want war."

Have you seen the weather in New York? (Lifted from mefi.)
Times Square cam

Welcome to the land of the free, where the media tells the truth.

Pass the pigs dice game

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