Monday, February 24, 2003

Oh my darling, Clemence time Beautiful
Nico Glum Scouser
Oh Joy!

Birmingham 2 Liverpool 1, as predicted. An outstanding display which not only gives us a bit of a buffer but will inspire great confidence in the upcoming, eminently winnable games. Great to see Blues fans leaving the ground almost skipping, and jabbering away into mobiles with big grins on their faces, laughing and joking. A good day, only slightly soured by ballsing up the bread of Bluetitch.
"Birmingham had the better chances."
"Rugged, energetic and wonderfully defiant in the face of belated pressure, Birmingham can take heart as well as points from this display."
"It was a memorable way for Steve Bruce, the Birmingham manager, to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary. If his players reproduce such valiant efforts when they travel to Villa Park next Monday, and when Albion, West Ham United and Sunderland come to St Andrew’s, then they will surely stay up"
"Salif Diao had earlier escaped without a card after cutting down Savage; one wondered whether the decision would have been the same had the Welshman done the fouling. Undaunted, Savage simply got up and gave Liverpool's midfield lessons in desire and distribution."
Sunday Times interview with Mathew Upson

The Red Hot Jazz Archive. I found this via 2blowhards, which I in turn found on Plep.

Interview with Jesse Malin.

People remember Tony Blair's pronouncement that the world "will not walk away from Afghanistan, as it has done so many times before". But Afghans have also listened with astonishment as Americans portray their country's experience since the overthrow of the Taliban as a "success".

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone who is for this bloody war. Now it seems like our own forces of security oppose it.

Beautiful photographs by Marc Dornblaster, found on Mefi.

I hesitate before posting this but what the hell. Nobscan. As the name impies it contains many images of scanned nobs, and bloody Nora I didn't realise the things could be so bloody ugly. Most definitely not safe for work, but not erotic or pornographic in any way shape or form.

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