Sunday, February 16, 2003

East of Houston, West of Baton Rouge

Robert Fisk, as cogent in his analysis as ever.
Time to start telling the truth
Seems like the world has spoken.
Even the Telegraph recognise the enormity of it.
They just kept coming
British marchers have spurned isolation for solidarity, and fear for fury

Yet again, Blogger appears to be kaput, not that I should complain given that I pay not a zloty for it. I wonder if things will change now that Blogger has been sold to Google.

Review of a Jesse Malin gig.

Nepal, where the heir to thrown killed ten of his family and assorted servants a couple of years ago is a beautiful place filled with fear and violence, most of it perpetrated by the state. Wonder if George and Tony have any plans to liberate the oppressed population.

A while back I posted a link to a story about a murder case being solved 15 years after the murderers death. Long may this trend continue.


I have been engaged in some gentle banter over at Sportsfilter on the efficacy of friendlies in general and last Wednesdays England v Australia friendly in particular. The Sunday papers tend to be best for sports analysis and so it proves here:
The Telegraph
The Independent
The Observer

Thanks to Spionkop for sending me this poem.

I have to admit the likes of Rage Aagianst The Machine and Audioslave have bypassed my conscioussness, I like the cut of Tom Morellos jib though, so may have to seek one or the other of them out. Here is an interview with him in Rolling Stone.
Here he is on Joe Strummer.
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