Friday, January 11, 2002

Hmm,went on the sick and promptly took top my bed with a genuine illness.Still have it.
Well we drew last night,played last 25 minutes with 10 men and also had our manager sent off.Bit of a nothing result really.May look better after everyone else has played at the weekend.Then again it may look worse.
From my previous post it looks like I have forgotten how to post a link.Weight dropping off rapidly and I'm not even on a diet.3 weeks off work means Im not constantly filling up on garbage for the sake of it.Will probably be all back on by the end of next week.After returning to work.
Very odd feeling.I am actually scared of going back.Oo er.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

New years resolution:to blog more often.
First some light relief many moments can be passed amusingly here.
My football team,hmmm.Not doing bad at actually,we now have Steve Bruce as manager and are in the middle(I hope) of a good run.Play away at Millwall on Thursday night.Very odd day to be playing football,but thye great God t.v must have its demands met.If we can win that I will start to get excited about our prospects.
Work.Very interesting.First day back for me yesterday since December 21.All change. New team constructed from the remnants of 2 old teams.2 old and respected managers sacked.New managers have a policy of not communicating with staff.Dont know if it will be a happy new year but it will be an interesting one.
Frankly I fear for my future.No one seems to like the old guard.Only one thing for it,go on the sick for the rest of the week.