Friday, January 31, 2003

George Bush / monkey interface

Dear Penis
Penis navel ring

Tidy the socks up

If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday, I will have a diner, please.
Diner directory
My favourite film

It would appear that the Strokes have finished their new album and this geezer has heard it. I lost patience though, first he bigs up The Knack, who of course would have been better named The Cack, then he bangs on about how this most quintessential of New York bands (and sons of privilege) sound like a Detroit garage band. I will revisit that site when the dude starts to try a little less hard. Don't let me put you off though.

Found a new Friday Five on Sarahs very scary, very red blog.
Last weeks was better but I shall have a go at this weeks anyway:
1: As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why?
I didn't really identify with superheroes as a nipper, just like I can't get on with sci fi now, I just cannot suspend my disbelief to that extent. Having said that I vaguely recall liking Spiderman above the others. My true hero was Alf Tupper the tuff of the track.
2: What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?
At the risk of sounding Pelzerish, or, God forbid, Mcourtish, we were brought up in extreme poverty, whatever analytical tool you care to use. We really had very little, so even small things were a source of great joy.
The major thing I wanted but never got was a mother, probably. Failing that a bit of love wouldn't have gone amiss.
3: What's the furthest from home you've been?
Haaaaah, physically, one of the Greek Islands, probably Andros or Lesbos. Emotionally, I have been to some very dark and depressing places no one in my immediate circle would recognise. Very far away indeed.
4: What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet?
5:. What are your plans for the weekend?
First off savour this wine I am drinking, then find some more. Tomorrow, the usual with nipper number one, up early and off to swimming then karate. Bit of shopping while he is at it. Its his birthday Sunday but a load of his mates are coming over to go to the pictures tomorrow which will leave me in charge of the other two. Will try and find some commentary on Blues v Bolton but whether I will be able to actually listen anyway is another matter. Sunday..gawd knows, birthday related stuff and celebrating a lottery win I expect.

A track by track evaluation of Abbey Road by George Harrison.

Iraq has used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers and vice versa. But has Iraq, as is frequently stated, used chemical weapons against its own people? Well, maybe it has and maybe it hasn't

I hope old spionkop doesn't mind me posting stuff he sends me but some of it is inspired, like this:
P.S. Bushes foreign minister (quote of the day from The Lord Admiral Nelson) will bring in emergency powers to stop the march in february but you will be allowed to march in march when we are all dead.
I suspect The Lord Admiral Nelson is a boozer!

Chinese new year

Bluetitch finally gets around to sticking a five up:
1) Name one thing you would change about yourself.
2) Name one thing you would change about your partner.
3) Name one thing you would change about your house or where you live.
4) Name one thing you would change about your job ( not your wages).
5) Name one thing you would like to change about your lifestyle

1 My negative and cynical attitude
2 Not a single thing
3 Soundproofing
4 I would gladly rearrange the features of the Fuck Faced Cowbag
5 I would change nothing; in the grand scheme of things we are where we are meant to be at this precise moment.

Chuffin bellydancing!, wot sits on yer wotsits.

File sharing with kindred spirits, it could catch on.

L.A Weekly piece on the State of the Union address. The most depressing thing about this is the claim that a triumverate led by James Carville have advised that the dems have to say nothing in order to win the next election, which is why high profile democrats applauded the draft dodgers most bellicose statements.
Carville of course, along with the sickeningly young and photogenic Greek are credited with winning the election for Clinton. I thought they did it by expressing ideals, not hiding them. Still, you can't blame them they are earning a living giving advice, it is mendacious politicians who are following it. Hilary Clinton is a duplicitous harridan, I hope she gets her comeuppance. Bill should be ashamed of her.

Buddy and Judy Miller

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Steve Bell

Bloggers trousering shedloads

All sorts of old fashioned Radio shows, like Abbot and Costello, all available for free.

Explore the work of Da Vinci, this brilliant thingy from the Met Museum allows you to zoom in as close as you would want to get.
Mona Lisa (via mefi)
The dope on Leonardo, mefi again.

Alexander Cockburn on the State of the Union address. I don't think he was impressed.

I started using blogpatrol about an hour ago. I love it already.

John Pilger, full of a glorious moral outrage, on George the Draft Dodger and Tony the Moralist.

This being a humble, little read blog I have no need or desire to strive for balance, I am always happy to post almost anything by Cristopher Hitchens though, simply because it is always good stuff. Here he sticks it to the peacenicks.
A peacenick sticks it back

I found Identity Theory via The Morning News, both are brilliant.

Penalty taking game

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Justice not Vengeance.
Stop the war, by bus

Medical science having failed in its eternal attempts to cure me of crippling migraines, I continue to seek an answer in quackery. I have tried cranio sacral therapy which is an extremely pleasant experience but is no cure, although there did seem to be an improvement for about 12 months or so. The number of herbal remedies I have tried doesn't bear thinking about.
Today I tried reflexology for the first time. I didn't happen to have a migraine at the time so it is a bit difficult to judge, plus she recommended 6 treatments for it to be fully efficaceous. I will reserve judgement but continue with the treatments. A couple of things she said were very impressive. She identified that I have severe discomfort in my neck and again in my lower back and spine just from piddling about with my toes, and I have to admit that there seems to be significantly less tension there than there was before, although that could be a placebo effect. Anyway, it is a beautifully chuffin pleasurable way to while away an hour even if there are no health benefits.

One cheer for democracy.

A tale of two presidents, one representing an unelected oligarchy, the other Brazilian.

Vigilantes on the US Mexico border. At the risk of sounding flippant there are at least two Ry Cooder songs tucked away in there.

The homeless of Algiers

Zen Arts, courtesy of Plep.

Make your p.c catproof.

World newspapers.

The beautiful game. All kudos to spionkop for the inspiration.

Images of North American Indians (posted on mefi by plep)

The USA has gone mad.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Mefi thread on the "shock and awe" tactics I mentioned yesterday.

A reminder, if we need one, that Saddam is a despicable git.

I am afraid I have 2 rants I need to get off my chest.
There has been a debate going on for some time now as to whether the England team should offer tacit support to the brutish Mugabe regime by playing a game of cricket in Zimbawe. All sorts of claptrap has been batted back and forth, with the powers that be insisting (against all logic) that the country is perfectly safe to visit, and that in any case it would in no way offer succour to Mugabe. The players, by and large, kept shtum. Then they released a statement yesterday expressing grave concerns about the trip. They cited safety concerns , and to their credit, suggested that the whole enterprise was morally dubious.
The odious Tim Lamb however continues to stress that the game will lose money, they are contracted etc. Funny how they have a moral duty when it comes to protecting their pocket but not when it come to sending a message to a murderous psycopath.

Not a good day for me and authority figures. The Climbie report was published today. This was to do with a child who was sent from the Ivory Coast to live with an aunt and her partner in London. She died a gruesome and unnessary death aged 8. Unsurprisingly the social work profession has come in for some stick which is par for the course. The medical profession gets away scot free depite being the people best placed to offer a reason for the injuries over a long term and spot a pattern. The police are forgivern because as ever it was social services that cocked up.
None of that I have a problem with, it's par for the course. However what is also par for the course but rarely mentioned iss that those who are ultimately responsible walk away better off. Local councillors who set budgets and place caps on staffing levels accept no responsibility. In this case the social worker on the ground was dismissed almost immediately. This was her first job and it is acknowledged she had nothing like adequate support or training. Her line manager has been to shown to be utterly incompetent, but this individuals career is over and her reputation has sufferered irreperable damage, not to mention the psychological scars.
The line manager initially involved was given redundancy, the next was sacked despite barely being involved in the case. All managers above that level have moved on elsewhere, in every case to better paid positions. Whatever happened to the notion of corporate responsibility, or the quaint old phrase "The buck stops here". They appal me, each and every one of them up and down the land because this story is typical. And they wonder why they cannot recruit into the profession and why those that were mugs enough to go into are leaving as fast as their little legs can carry them.
Incidentally, the dude who was chief executive at the time says there is absolutely nothing he could have done. He became head of the Commission for Racial Equality. He is currently on gardening leave after assaulting an officer of the law at a cricket match. Despite there being many witnesses he denies the incident took place. I don't think I have much respect for this pillock.
Grim reading

Worm game.

Monday, January 27, 2003

Class in America

Once again, Robert Fisk demonstrates a searing passion and articulacy in making his anti war point.

A wordy appreciation of Elmore Leonard, I have my own non wordy appreciation to share: genius

The US intends to shatter Iraq "physically, emotionally and psychologically" by raining down on its people as many as 800 cruise missiles in two days. I feel sick. Surely such wanton disregard for the lives of innocent non combatants would be a war crime?
I really, really, hope that this is just hyperbole.

Spear toss for the disabled.

Pig stacking

Very good and thoughtful article exploring notions of anti Americanism in Europe.

I am guilty of looking at murder rates in the U.S or gun crime in the UK and dismissing both as hazards of the gangbanger lifestyle the victims choose. Crass I know, and it doesn't take into account that they were real people with real lives, hopes and fears and leave behind real grief stricken relatives. Neither does it take into account that without poverty, inequality and injustice it probably wouldn't happen. Not so much anyway.

It's forecast to get very cold here over the next couple of days. Good. I love winter. The Chicago Tribune compares modern versus , er, non modern writers and their respective abilities to describe cold.
Tips on staying warm from a New Yorker.

The Ladder Theory. Probably not safe for work.


Anything for a quiet life. Another missive has arrived from spionkop which I think he wants me to share, here it is, in full: Bloody jets have been shaking the house and just missin me chimney pactising to fly under Sad dans radars. The noise upsets the dog and frightens me to death. I am therefore the founder member of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AGAINST FAST FLYING OVER FLORA and FAUNA (NAFF OFF). Anyone else want to sign up?

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Robert Fisk writes eloquently on the reality, ugliness, pain and horror of violent death. Of course George the draft dodger and Tony the moralist will never have witnessed scenes such as he describes.

Senses working overtime: a walk in Ramallah

Several times today (so far) I have listened to the Loose Fur album, which, as everyone knows, is a colloboration between Glenn Kotchke ; Jim O'Rourke and Jeff Tweedy. Is it too early to be thinking about album of the year?

Euroweenies: what America thinks of Europe.

Running on Empty seems to be on one cable channel or another almost constantly, and despite a gratingly irritating performance by Judd Hersch I have to say it's a diverting enough way to kill a couple of hours. Anyway, they have finally caught up with the guy it was based on.

My God!!! Ed Vuilliamy on the forces that drive young George. Thoroughly chuffin depressing.

Ian Ridley on the exploits, or non exploits, of Farnborough in the F.A Cup. He seems a bit ....sour, mind you, there is much to be sour about.

Dick Cheney: man of principle.
Cheney on why we souldn't go after Saddam:
Dick Cheney explaining in a BBC Radio 4 interview why the Bush Administration ended the 1991 Gulf War without pushing on to Baghdad: "If we'd gone to Baghdad and got rid of Saddam Hussein - assuming we could have found him - we'd have had to put a lot of forces in and run him to ground some place. He would not have been easy to capture. Then you've got to put a new government in his place and then you're faced with the question of what kind of government are you going to establish in Iraq? Is it going to be a Kurdish government or a Shia government or a Sunni government? How many forces are you going to have to leave there to keep it propped up, how many casualties are you going to take through the course of this operation?" ('The Desert War - A Kind of Victory', 16 Feb 1992, cited in Freedman and Karsh, The Gulf Conflict 1990-1991, p413.) (via nth position)

Saturday, January 25, 2003

To enjoy a successful toss, you have to be mindful of the angle of dangle.

100 years of swimsuits

There is some kind of sporting event going on in the U.S tommorrow. The fans of one of the participating teams fancy themselves as the Millwall of the American football world

Stockholm woodland cemetry

Friday, January 24, 2003

Jah Wobble is one of my all time favourite musicians, always searching for something new and different. The Guardian had a chat with him about his influences.

David Mamet on jews in the cinema

Although his main tenet is a bit facile, Imran Khan writes interestingly about Muslim perceptions of the impending but not inevitable war.

Steve Bell, brilliant. Four Guardian links one after the other, I think that's probably enough, even for me.

Ragamuffin has finally awoke from his long slumber. I only know this guy from football message boards, although we have met, along with the lovely Bluetitch a couple of times at Blues games. It hasn't stopped him trying to help me out online though for about a couple of hours with a little problem I have with the blog. Thank God he was able to rouse himself.
It's his fault I have to link to another Guardian article, he has written very thoughtfully about the latest celebrity paedophile scandal, which reminded me of something I read yesterday.

The Bluetitch 5:
1) If you were Prime Minister, what three new laws would you bring in?
Love thy Neighbour, Ban chewing gum, Penny on tax into my bank account. It's a big trough and I want my snout in it.

2) If the world was coming to an end in seven days, how would you spend your time?
I could say see last week, I would just do that, or something similar, in spades. I would try to spread a bit of love, not to everyone, that's trite, but not to be mocked. Those that I do love, and know it anyway, would be left in no doubt, I would smother the poor sods, and I would blog. My heart would just open up and pour the fuck out.

3) Apart from your family, what two things would you save if your house was on fire?
Shit, you should have said what 2 things and I could have said, me red suede wincklepickers and one of the twins. I suppose the cats and fish are family. My bread machine and juicer.

4) If you really wanted to get back at someone, name one way you would like to torture them.
It would never happen. The worst thing I could do to someone is forgive them.

5) What was your favourite age to be?
Good question! Easy question!!!!!.
My eldest is eight in about 10 days, my youngest is two today, just thought I would mention it, BOB!! anyway, the eldest in the first 5 days of being seven learnt to ride a bike and to swim, late maybe but we were overprotective, and we work so time is limited. I said what's it like being seven and his face lit up and he said he loved it. It has carried on like that, new adventures and challenges and skills learned every day. All sorts of things he wanted to try and thought he would get knocked back, like body boarding, he got to try.
That first time I asked him, I said I remember being seven, it was brilliant. I only vaguely remember it to be honest, but if I wrap up all my happiest memories of endless summer days, playing in the gutters of Tyseley or on the railway bank hunting grass snakes, or getting pennies squashed by the trains, in my head I am seven, so seven it is, age of glorious innocence. For the lucky ones.

Support for the war that is far from being inevitable is non existent in some parts of the world and dwindling elsewhere, pity it won't make any chuffin difference.

Lets all chuff off to Canada

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Nicked from Nafise

A little something to aid understanding of the Iraq - US crisis

First hand account of the San Francisco peace rally.

Our manager with our new signing, Matthew Upson, this kid is going to be a major dude, mark my words.

Steve Bell

Johan Hari spent a week hanging around the Finsbury Park mosque, this is his account.

Migraine action
Migraine Information Centre
Migraine trust
Cranio sacral therapy
Enter into the heart of the pain

Donald Rumsfeld, friend of Iraq, honest!
North Korea, Pakistan and the US.

Unbelievable!. My mob nickname is chuffin Pants!

Online curling

Bob Hope

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Despite sending 30,000 troops to the gulf our open and honest government insists that war with Iraq is not inevitable. Given the pennypinching and gradgrind culture in which we live, with every last farthing having to be accounted for, I somehow doubt the troops have been sent there merely to top up their tans.

Driving past a fire picket line this morning they were all out begging for toots, few of which were fortchcoming. It begs the question, why do they need a picket line at all, no is going to go into their place of work and do their jobs for them. Also, why the chuffing braziers? they had 2 on the go and piles of pallets to keep them topped up, yet it was a mild morning and most of them were stood there in t shirts because it was so hot. Empty symbolism.

Mainstream America demands to be heard.
"Not to act represents moral irresponsibility."

Photo blog from Iran...SUPERB!! found on mefi.
Kargah, stunning and beautiful.

Word of the year

"My patience is exhausted": Hitler, before invading Sudentenland.
"My patience is running out" Bush, last week.
Young George has a way with a quote doesn't he.

Man versus whale: a history.

Big Gulp, you will like this, guaranteed.

Blake Morrison spent a week with both striking fireman and the squaddies who do their job while they warm their donnies round the fire. Good stuff.

I love a list and to find one as early as January is bleedin marvelous. Nick Hornbys latest conceit is to construct 31 essays around songs which he claims have changed his life, the tosser. Never mind, the Observer has compiled a list made up of selections from a wide variety of people.

SpionKop, a poster on a Blues message board sent me this message, which I think he wants me to put on here, I am amazed he thinks anyone should pay any attention to anything that I post on me little blog, but anything to oblige:
"We stand at a moment of great historical importance for our Nation State. Like a drunkard hurtling through a crossroads we seem unable to give way because we have been seduced by the narcotics of American riches, gratuities, bribes and power, and the cost will be the slaying of innocent bystanders.

As a young intelligence officer working on the Arab desk at GCHQ I was told that not only raw intelligence, but the results of my analytical studies would be passed on to the Israelis. I weep for their suffering on Holocaust Day but why are ther now using Hitlerite facist policies on the Palestinian people? Have they not learnt from their own history. I asked for an immediate move from my post on the grounds of conscience.

To cap it all I was told that any intercepted material that mentioned Henry Kissinger's name could not be published to Whitehall without his prior approval. This duplicious man compromised the independence of the British intelligence machine in order to protect his own interests and his desire as a Nobel prizewinner (what a joke) to be seen by history as a peace maker. How ironic that that Bush appointed him to oversee the intelligence shorcomings of September 11 when he restricted our ability as a Nation State to be independent in our intelligence reporting. he has now been forced to resign because of 'a conflict of interests' Ha.
The 'Kissinger Associates' range from Coke to arms manufactures and oil companies etc. See any 'conflict of interest there'. It is well documented that Kissinger tried to suppress the intelligence community from publishing anything that might compromise him.

Our attitude in the middle easthas been biased and racist and as a result Al Queda are reaking a terrible revenge and our freedoms and our families are under threat. Et tu Brute."

Monday, January 20, 2003

Good account of the anti war protest in San Francisco, fairly depressing end to the piece though, which is probably very true.

As veterans who have served in wartime, it is our moral responsibility to ensure that those who serve in uniform today are not sent into battle without just cause. It is our moral responsibility to ensure that they don't needlessly die in a faraway desert for motivations that are unclear. Hold no illusions: Hundreds, possible thousands of Americans will die in the coming war. Tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis will die in the coming war

The reports in Mondays papers seem a bit more balanced and considered regarding the treatment of Dugarry "The French Frank" (Copyright Colin Bumstead) by Blackburn. All concur that he was singled out for treatment and that Blackurn were thuggish. Best of the bunch because of its considerable wit is TheTimes

Io at sunset

Don't laugh, Chumbawumba have an excellent website, more of a resource really.

The story of people in south west Wales using cheap cooking oil to power their cars is old hat, but I like this article. There is a class quote from the manager of the local Asda in there.

Back about a year ago I started another blog to use as diary of the shit that goes on at work, but did it when I was pissed and have never been able to find the bugger since. Livelog might be the answer, looks very simple.

Revolutionary diet, said the Fat Bastard in the corner.

There's a storm a brewing.

Another game at which I am crap, a pattern matching thingy.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

A point away is never to be scoffed at and to get one against Blackburn is as much as any rational person could have wished for before the game.

The cloning dudes have a website.

The sheer size of the anti war movement is beginning to restore my faith in human nature, not that I am naive enough to believe it will make a scrap of difference.
Should we need reminding, what this war will be about.
No War blog

This story is fascinating and gruesome. In 1973 two young women were brutally murdered on their way home from a disco in South Wales. There was little sophistication in forensic techniques back then, and reading the article it becomes clear that we are living in a different world. The killer was discovered, 12 years after his own death.

If Sarah Hughes concentrated on the game, rather than her knitting, she may not talk quite so much shit.
I think the broadsheets just send fans of the home team to do their coverage. More shit talked about todays match.
Bleedin 'ell !! A fair report.
At least this guy seems to have been paying attention.
Oh dear, the best report by far is the bloody Sunday People!

I might be naive, I might be simplistic, I might be overly idealistic, but even more than than his war mongering, it's Bushes capacity for blatant duplicity that winds me up. One would have thought that having stolen the presidency he would have shown some chance. Now his party is blatantly spamming the newspapers of America. This shows an absolute disdain for the polity and makes my armpits prickle.

Friday, January 17, 2003

I well remember the classic chess matches between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, even though I have no clue how to play the game. Bobby, it appears, is very far from being the full shilling.

Several members of a family from Coventry are taking a vacation at her majesties pleasure after they purloined £134,410 from a knackered cash machine. It raises interesting moral questions, but the fact they have been imprisoned after the furore surrounding first time burglars suggests that the law is indeed an ass.

Steve Bell

January 16 1893 This is the day that US Marines invaded Hawaii for no other reason than that rich white men asked them to. Thus was American Imperialism born.

Russian Roulette

Take the manliness test to see how you shape up in the manliness stakes. I am Tim from the office.

Pussies Galore

Fantastic historic photos from the Chicago Daily News. You could lose yourself for some time here.

Bluetitch Friday Five:
1) What would be your perfect evening?
Well, my perfect day would involve the nippers, but my perfect evening wouldn't. However a perfect evening would follow a perfect day, so its a bit difficult to answer as I don't want to appear like a disloyal sonofabitch to the nippers,
But here goes; the day would involve a long wintery and windswept walk along the Pembrokreshire coast path, surely one of the most beautiful stretches of land anywhere in the world. We would end up either in the Sloop Inn or The Harbour; neither does remarkable food but both are full of atmosphere and character. We would tumble out into a pitch black, deathly quiet and starlit night. We would make our way to a very romantic cottage we once stayed in, which is completely isolated and seems to cling for its very life on to edge of a cliff. We would fall into bed accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing below. We would be at perfect peace.

2) What would be your nightmare evening?
The above accompanied by three fractious and bored nippers!

3)What has been your best date?
It wasn't a date as such, but the night Mrs Buddha, while we were out in company, suggested that I plant my lips on hers that very moment, because I would never get another chance.

4) What has been your worst date?
Too many to contemplate, mostly they involve me being a completely pissed, boring and boorish arsehole. My toes are curling with humiliation and embarrassment at the thought of several nights, I am not going to elucidate, no chuffin way Jose.

5) Do you have a recurring nightmare?
No but I frequently get that night time paralysis thingy, where you feel as though you are awake but cannot move a muscle. Fucking scary and horrible.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

A classic Steve Bell

A woman claims she was attacked and badly injured in her hotel room. The police say she is a victim of her own auto erotic practices. Weird.

An essay that Pete Townsend wrote regarding the internet and paedophilic pornography last year.

If, like me, you have difficulty concentrating, you will never get to the end of this page.

Andrew O'Hagan on the cult of the celebrity confessional. Good stuff.

The Mondrian machine



Turning rebellion into money.

San Francisco as seen in Bullitt, and today

Monday, January 13, 2003

As expected Blues got stuffed by Arsenal, oh dear, what a shame, never mind. There was much to be encouraged about in our performance with 3 of our new signings looking like they can make a contribution, the fourth will come good too, absolutley convinced of that and could even turn out to be the best of the lot. Some Blues fans have gone a bit overboard, forgiving the result because of the potential that was on show and in the belief that we will now easily beat teams of a lesser standard than Arsenal.
I not yet convinced. The 2 midfilders, Clapham and Clemence are good solid pros, the sort which all prem clubs have, at best they level the playing field. Dugarry looks a class act but one swallow doesn't make a summer. I was invited to eat my lucky hat when Morrison scored 2 goals, he has done nothing since. I will reserve judgement, thought it looks very promising, it has to be said. Coly looked awful yesterday, but at least had the good grace to seem embarrassed. He will find his feet and adjust to the pace of the game, no problemo.

More on Lee Bowyer, this article is written by a chap who spent some time researching Bowyers roots. Despite the guy clearly hving some sympathy with Bowyer he still come across as an odious git.
Hugh Mcilvanny writes with his customary eloquence on the Bowyer situation.

Brilliant Sunday Times piece on Mike Tyson.

There has been a bit of a row going on as to whether England should play a cricket match in Zimbabwe. I remember when Zimbabwe achieved indepedence and I was delighted that Mugabe beat the other , big fat guy to the leadership. I believed Mugabe was a decent, civilised individual while the other guy was a murderous thug. This Spectator piece shows how wrong I was and puts the small matter of a cricket match into perspective.

Annotated Bible! Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father. -- Genesis 19:36

Looking for pussy?

Beware the uber pea

Some photos of New York, with added commentary.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Last week, shamefully, Blues tried to sign convicted racist and all round odious git Lee Bowyer. He evidently didn't think we were quite refined enough for him and has subsequently gone to West Ham. This is what one of their supporters thinks of it.

Ten conspiracy theories

The Saddammeter, it looks a bit grim.

Young George appears to have talked himself into a corner over North Korea

Pepys blogs. Brilliant.

The old self aggrandiser, Christopher Hitchens, sticks it to Mother Theresa. Great stuff.

Check to see how colour blind you might be.

Friday, January 03, 2003

I was only just pondering how I am going to kill the next person who says that the supporters of a winning team in a local deby have won "bragging rights" when I came across this Plastic thread on words and phrases that should be banned, forthwith.

Scorsese talks about the making of Gangs of New York. If it flops he won't be able to complain that it was underhyped.

This film quiz is bleeding impossible. You have to guess the name of a film from a still, but the bloody head is cut off!

Nude women for peace. Whatever it takes!

Galactic Tennis.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Interview with the Get Your War On dude.

Blues have signed a world cup striker who has actually scored 8 goals in world cup finals. He says one of the reasons he came is that Birmingham is a good city, and it is, see for yourself. (courtesy of Bluetitich)

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Well, thats 2002 out of the way. All these things are very subjective and a year is inevitably curates eggish, but that was a motherfucker of a year and I am only too pleased to have got through it intact. I am talking emotionally and in terms of career here, not in terms of being a terrorist victim.
Personally, I have had some of my best times in this passing year, Nipper number one is an inspiration really, he takes things on and gives them a really good go. He decided to knock the football on the head but his karate and swimming came on in leaps and bounds as if to compensate. The footballing bullys are now his mates and it could so easily have gone the other way, and he is the sweetest natured most naive nipper you could ever meet. He takes after his mother.
The other two have grown apace too, the daughter is beautiful and sweet and funny and wilfull, to watch her grow and develop could almost make you believe in a deity. The nipperest nipper is a little sod, but again he has grown and developed. Admittedly into a little hooligan, a baby faced assassin but he has you in stitches constantly. I am told he looks and behaves like me when I was 2, what the chuff happened?
We had our best ever family holiday and I cannot imagine it ever being bettered; if next years is even half as good, we will have a fantastic holiday. Christmas in our house was the stuff of dreams and Jimmy Stewart movies, and the season continues, tomorrow should be good. So I should be ecstatic.
But, there is so much more.
Big events like holidays and Christmas are good because me and Mrs Buddha are prepared to put up with shit elsewhere. I often refer tongue in cheek to my gaffer, THE FUCK FACED COWBAG. The reality is that the work situation is very, very bad and I really don't know how I get through from week to week without killing someone. There are couple of us old style major dudes who moan constantly but guess who is the mug who speaks up, every time?? Still, I have made a pal. A guy who has been around even longer than me has turned out to be a good mate, and we never knew each other till the teams merged.

We try to subvert the bastards subtly. This year coming has the potential to be even worse than the last one, they have settled in now, but the oil rag is more pissed off than us with the FFC. Hah! I will have to re read Machiavelli.
Then there is Bush and Blair and complicity in previous atrocities and the certanty that war is coming and thousand upon thousand of people, including nippers as cute as mine will meet a grisly and distressing end and I despair.
Have a good one.