Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Despite sending 30,000 troops to the gulf our open and honest government insists that war with Iraq is not inevitable. Given the pennypinching and gradgrind culture in which we live, with every last farthing having to be accounted for, I somehow doubt the troops have been sent there merely to top up their tans.

Driving past a fire picket line this morning they were all out begging for toots, few of which were fortchcoming. It begs the question, why do they need a picket line at all, no is going to go into their place of work and do their jobs for them. Also, why the chuffing braziers? they had 2 on the go and piles of pallets to keep them topped up, yet it was a mild morning and most of them were stood there in t shirts because it was so hot. Empty symbolism.

Mainstream America demands to be heard.
"Not to act represents moral irresponsibility."

Photo blog from Iran...SUPERB!! found on mefi.
Kargah, stunning and beautiful.

Word of the year

"My patience is exhausted": Hitler, before invading Sudentenland.
"My patience is running out" Bush, last week.
Young George has a way with a quote doesn't he.

Man versus whale: a history.

Big Gulp, you will like this, guaranteed.

Blake Morrison spent a week with both striking fireman and the squaddies who do their job while they warm their donnies round the fire. Good stuff.

I love a list and to find one as early as January is bleedin marvelous. Nick Hornbys latest conceit is to construct 31 essays around songs which he claims have changed his life, the tosser. Never mind, the Observer has compiled a list made up of selections from a wide variety of people.

SpionKop, a poster on a Blues message board sent me this message, which I think he wants me to put on here, I am amazed he thinks anyone should pay any attention to anything that I post on me little blog, but anything to oblige:
"We stand at a moment of great historical importance for our Nation State. Like a drunkard hurtling through a crossroads we seem unable to give way because we have been seduced by the narcotics of American riches, gratuities, bribes and power, and the cost will be the slaying of innocent bystanders.

As a young intelligence officer working on the Arab desk at GCHQ I was told that not only raw intelligence, but the results of my analytical studies would be passed on to the Israelis. I weep for their suffering on Holocaust Day but why are ther now using Hitlerite facist policies on the Palestinian people? Have they not learnt from their own history. I asked for an immediate move from my post on the grounds of conscience.

To cap it all I was told that any intercepted material that mentioned Henry Kissinger's name could not be published to Whitehall without his prior approval. This duplicious man compromised the independence of the British intelligence machine in order to protect his own interests and his desire as a Nobel prizewinner (what a joke) to be seen by history as a peace maker. How ironic that that Bush appointed him to oversee the intelligence shorcomings of September 11 when he restricted our ability as a Nation State to be independent in our intelligence reporting. he has now been forced to resign because of 'a conflict of interests' Ha.
The 'Kissinger Associates' range from Coke to arms manufactures and oil companies etc. See any 'conflict of interest there'. It is well documented that Kissinger tried to suppress the intelligence community from publishing anything that might compromise him.

Our attitude in the middle easthas been biased and racist and as a result Al Queda are reaking a terrible revenge and our freedoms and our families are under threat. Et tu Brute."
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