Thursday, December 28, 2006

The time has come to renew my Typepad subscription and I have to consider whether it is worth the money, and, in my case, it isn't. I no longer post enough and I don't get anything like enough visitors to justify it. While I have been gone, Blogger has improved enormously and many of the benefits that I associated with Typepad are now available here, for free, so this is where I shall be doing my blogging, for now, anyway.

You will have to excuse it being a bit crap and messy for a while; it requires a bit of maintenance and housekeeping, and I'm not good at that stuff. Also. I don't think I can be bothered with setting up another blog for the more discursive, personal stuff so you might find a bit more of that on here, if you can stomach it!

I just had a look at the Wychwood Festival site to see if any acts had been announced yet and saw that Country Joe McDonald will be performing. Now I am aware of the man, from the sixties and Woodstock and all that, but I have no knowledge of his music, but there is no reason to remain in ignorance as his website has dozens of songs available to listen to, for free.