Monday, February 22, 2010

Demon Host

So, time for an update on my preparation for the run. Except I haven't got an update. I have been shamefully inactive.

Poor old Christine seems to have made a Pratt of herself in her seedy attempt to drum up business for her anti bullying helpline. I don't much care for people who seek to profit from the misery of others so I can't help but smile at how she has been outed as a bit of a dissembler. It is a pity that the dope on radio 5 gave her such an easy ride early this morning, although the redoubtable John Humphries asked her some awkward questions on the today programme.

While I am on about radio 5……….the arts bloke, Colin Patterson is an idiot. He seems to have no knowledge of, or interest in the arts at all; he is a celebrity correspondent, and, worse still, he keeps popping up on radio 4. What the chuff is going on? And. Colin fucking Murray is on every time I turn the radio on………and how the hell is Spoony still in employment? 5 Live has become on offence to the lugholes.

Easier on the ears are the podcasts made by the Tulsa Police Department

Browsing around our rather wonderful local library the other day, I came across Bangkok Haunts by John Burdett. I was surprised to see it, because I have read his first two novels, and liked them, and I generally keep an eye out for books by authors I like, but this one had passed me by. I took it out and I read it, very quickly, and it is, like the other two, very good, but requires some suspension of disbelief. Now I find he has another book out, which has had at least one good review. He has a decent website, with extracts from his novels, and a complete short story. Highly recommended.

Normal service has resumed down the Blues………couldn't score in a barrel of fannies, and giving soft goals away. Don't tell anyone I said that though………it marks me out as a heretic, and burning at the stake is, no doubt, too good for me.