Saturday, June 29, 2002

The new album from The Flaming Lips has not been released yet but you can hear the whole thing at their website. Thank you metafilter.
The chief lip speaks.

Tennis is not really my cup of tea. This computer game is though.
June Jordan has died.
She had an interesting upbringing as this interview indicates, it also contains samples of her poetry.
Another interview provides greater insight into her motivations.
This stunning article written after September 11 demonstrates her passion beautifully.

That last Jordan article has greater resonance , given that the U.S would appear to have been behaving less than honourably in Afghanistan.

Friday, June 28, 2002

I have been a bit direspectful towards Glastonbury, here and elsewhere. This Times article might counterbalance.

I have a soppy and romantic notion of the U.S railroad. This is both beautiful and sad
Talking of mythical images of America and Americana. Once again, thank you PLEP.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

What's your position on the political compass?
I appear to be an anti authoritarian liberal, which my colleagues would dispute, and my kids would definitely disagree with.

Now it looks like summer might have arrived, some Kansas City barbecue recipes.

Some Bukowski poems.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

The best place on the radio for cutting edge and innovative music is BBC Radio 3. In particular Late Junction, which is very eclectic, but not too esoteric. There are many other good things on the station. Living halfway up a mountain my F.M reception is terrible, so I hardly listen, my internet connection allows only for a very jerky, irritating stream. Having had to spend the last couple of nights doing actual work based research on the web, rather than arsing about finding stupid things to post on various boards, I arsed about trying to get a decent reception on Radio 3, which for once I managed.
Having only one ear on it I missed the name of some fantastic band or person that was on at about 11.40. Thinking there might be a playlist I went to the site. There is a playlist but its not up yet and I clicked on listen live by mistake. Found that lots of shows are archived, including all this weeks Late Junctions. A brief test suggests that they stream beautifully. This is seriously good news, but I suspect more of my money will be travelling Amazons way.
This was mentioned tonight. It seems a bit more civilised and certainly cheaper than Glastonbury.

It will be a Germany v Brazil world cup final. I should go for Brazil but their behaviour prior to the last final regarding Ronaldo leaves a very sour taste. Now Rivaldo is sullying their previous good name with his odious antics. Moreover we will be subject to countless cliched references to samba and bombarded with pictures of scantily clad babes. Actually, given that at this precise moment I seem unable to summon up any enthusiasm for the football, I have no objection to the babes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Influence the government.Have your say on battery hens.

What can be said about Germany. As poor as they appeared to be, they have got to another final. It's little use moaning about their easy passage, they can only play against the teams who turn up against them. England could have had an easier time of it had they been a bit more adventurous. For all their faults Germany have looked more threatening in every game than we did, and they had Jancker.
A Turkey v Germany final would be very interesting for all sorts of sociological and political reasons. Turkey has several players who were born in Germany and actually have offices in Germany to encorage those of Turkish descent to opt to play for Turkey. They have clearly never heard of the Tebbit test.

Talking of politics and sociology, we might as well throw a bit of history in. Really good article in the New York Times on relations between Korea and Japan. Registration required.

Monday, June 24, 2002

England are home and as the dust settles and the nation comes to realise we are home early because we are not very good, an almighty squabble has broken out about their shabby return to the country. As ever, David Davies is in the thick of it.Right back as far as Hoddles ill advised France 1998 diary, which was written by Davies, his grubby paw prints have been all over every major embarrassment the national team has endured.
As a general rule, I am against sacking people, even when they are useless, unless they have power over peoples lives. This guy though, has to go. His judgement has been found wanting time after time. He never misses a photo opportunity, forever at Svens shoulder, yet never accepts responsibility when things go wrong. Plus he is ugly and has adopted a jutting jawed air of defiance, even when their is nothing to be defiant about. He affects an air of absolute moral certitude. In short he irritates the shit out of me and I want to see his head in a basket.
I can barely believe that he said there might be a reception in a few weeks, his arrogance is beyond belief; has he not realised that the half of the country that actually thinks about football, rather than reacts to shared national experiences, are not greatly enamoured of our teams performances? He cannot come into proximity of a trick without missing it. The opportunity for bonding with the fans has passed, the opportunity for some spontaneous interaction has passed, but his first thought is damage limitation. How he gets away with it is a source of mystery and wonder.
There is a thoughtful article in The Independent suggesting Sven should have stayed behind to watch Turkey, given we are due to meet them in some important matches quite soon. It also points up some appalling P.R cock ups, not least the wilful ignoring of thousands of Japanese fans who had gathered to bid them farewell. After the welcome and support that was given to the team, this is astonishing. It points up the poor relations between press and team too, it's worth a read.
Need I say that all the points made within the Independent article indicate that Davies is a useless tosser?
Waldo is at the fair. Can you find him?

Sunday, June 23, 2002

The neko is a lucky Japanese cat. Apparently a cat beckoned an emperor into a temple, whereupon lighting struck the spot on which he had been standing.
You can make your own
Found via Plep.

John Gotti laid to rest.

Very good, very long interview with Bjork
Playlist from the programme.
Bjorks website.
It's still Jubilee year, so here are some John Savage articles on the Sex Pistols. I have always considered him to be a bit of an egotistical tosser, interesting stuff though.
Just found this. It's a very good poem by Kim Addonizio. She appears to be a bit of a babe.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

England have embarked upon a charmless twat offensive. Several hundred fans chose to spend their Saturday evening awaiting their return so they could welcome them back into the country . Our elegantly coiffured heroes decided to nip out round the back rather than meet their public.
Hearts and Minds. Is it any wonder the public are so quick to turn against them.

Ian Bell a young man with a big future.

Warwickshire won the B&H trophy without too much inconvenience. So easy it was very boring actually. 2 bright spots were the performances of Jamie Troughton and Ian Bell. Troughton (grandson of a Dr Who) in particular looked very exciting, Bell looked as if the hype might be true.

South Korea beat Spain with considerable assistance from a useless linesman. Senegal looked poor in losing to Turkey. Looks like a Germany - Brazil final, although I have demonstrated in the last couple of days that I know nothing.

Which peanuts character are you?
I'm snoopy, it would appear.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Oh dear , what a shame, never mind. Brazil were clearly the better team and won on absolute merit. In a way it was a relief, at least we didn't have to suffer the agonies of extra time and penalties. Two South Koreans, apparently fit and healthy, died of heart attacks during the Korea - Italy game. After my experiences in Cardiff a few weeks ago I can well believe it.
I shall not miss the mass hysteria and mass waving of flags of St George, it really was beginning to grate. As ever as a competition progresses and England stay in the whole world and his wife (particularly his wife) become experts and start pontificating. For some reason the BBC thinks the rantings of these know nothing fools and their children merit time on the nations airwaves. There has also arisen in the last few years a fashion for the BBC to decamp to various locations in host cities and countries. Fair enough. We all like a jolly. Unfortunately they seem to think we, the listeners at home, want to listen to the inane witterings of any fool wearing a flag of St George who happens along. Well, if they exercised any quality control, we might. Unfortunately it ends up with some fool trying to impress his mates with witless inanities. At least now the only people who will be talking about football will be those with an interest in football. The ersatz brigade can concentrate on becoming the worlds biggest tennis experts for the 2 weeks they take an interest. Or until Henman departs, whichever is sooner. I find it all fucking odious really, but I'm in a bit of a bad mood.

Flag stuff

World Cup haircuts

South Park thingy, my nipper and Mrs love it

Fuck me

No matter how hard I try to rationalise it, IT HURTS!

Thursday, June 20, 2002

I've been reading "The Rotters Club" by Jonathan Coe, who is a damn fine writer. It has had many fine reviews but the less than complimentary Observer review has it about right I think. The chief interest for me is that it set in a time and place I know very well. Apart from the posh school it could be my time, and his eye for the detail of that time has kept me going, it's really quite extraordinary. Many reviews have alluded to it's broad comedy. Although there are many laugh out loud moments, I don't really see it as comedy, too much tragedy and bathos is contained within it. Perhaps I remember the historical events that are threaded through the narrative too vividly. Nevertheless I would recommend it unreservedly to anyone in their late 30's upwards, particularly if they had an embarrassing liking for prog rock. If you have any knowledge at all of Birmingham, it's a must read.

"What a Carve Up" might be a better introduction,

Interview with Coe

First chapter of Rotters Club available at New York Times. Registration required and recommended.
I live near this place. It's right in the middle of my patch, which can only be described as a shithole, really. It's where I watched the eclipse, surrounded by morons swigging tennants extra. Where others were remarking upon the eerie silence that descended, I was listenening to the sounds of locals from Trevithin shouting "I've gone blind" and cackling like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Referees have been consistently making headlines for themselves. It always strikes me as odd that the best teams in the world, playing in the the most important and pressured tournament are refereed by nobodies. How officials from places like the Maldives can have the experience and nous to referee in the world cup is beyond me. It's no wonder Italy feels hard done by.
More Joel Veitch Pavarotti Loves Elephants. By Joel Veitch,

2 days free of actual football. 0 days free of thinking about it. Brazil v England. It has got classic stamped through it like a stick of rock. It can't come soon enough and whatever the outcome I shall be bereft afterwards; the anticipation is half of the pleasure. Brazil, as good as they are are definitely beatable and England are more than capable of doing it. It would still be result to completely shatter my equilibrium though.
They seem to be a bit rattled in Brazil

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Mass hysteria in Korea as they beat Italy to go through to the quarter finals. Italy are far from happy and are shouting "conspiracy" very loudly. They were unlucky it's true but had many chances to put the issue beyond doubt. Fantastic news for Korea and the competition. The twists and turns of this bewildering World Cup continue, what happens next is anyones guess. Really, you couldn't make it up.
Japan went out, getting beaten by Turkey, as you would expect. Hope they don't lose their fervour.

Seems it has been happy and peaceful so far. Good Guardian article on being amonst the fans. Written by a guy who has slummed it a bit so probably one to take notice of.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Good Slate article on the recently deceased John Gotti. John Gotti - The last don, as seen by the Family. By Jeffrey Goldberg. Always remember to look your best.

Brazil beat Belgium with two very good goals. Belgium could have scored several themselves however. Brazil v England now on Friday. Definitely winnable for England, could be a classic.
U.S beat Mexico quite comfortably and and make a bit of history for themselves. Germany next for them.

The Guardian wrote a funny minute by minute match report which basically took the piss out of the American penchant for mangling the lingua franca of the game. Gary Lineker on the BBC quoted it as if it was an actual report from a U.S website. Oh dear.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Two very good articles on Senegal. One documenting their journey from no hopers in 1992 up until qualifying for this tournament.
Another in the form of a diary in the week following their defeat of France.

Senegal confound expectations again and won a truly outstanding game with a golden goal in extra time. Both sides played fast attacking football and both were clearly going for the win. Sweden were desperately unlucky with a fantastic effort hitting the post before Senegal won it.Senegal could make the Semi finals now. This guy seems pleased enough.

Later on, Spain beat Ireland in a penalty shoot out, although they very nearly paid the price for being overly cautious.

Unaccountably, Spain having toyed with Ireland like a matador prior to the kill in the first half, sat back and tried to defend a one goal lead. Ireland were unlucky in the end, but on balance a draw was the right result, and Spain held their nerve (just about) better in the shoot out.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Funny and true! Send this link to get someone fired (thanks B3ta - you're spoiling us)
My previous post might seem a bit curmudgeonly. I am actually just as delighted as these guys.

Nice to see some Brummies in the thick of it.

Well, Germany and Paraguay succeeded in boring us all half to death. I can hardly believe I got up at 7a.m with a hangover to watch this garbage. Germany won with a last minute goal but it is hard to feel any sympathy for Paraguay who displayed no wit or imagination at all. Probably playing for penalties. This is the price, I suppose for having teams like France and Portugal knocked out early. We are left with garbage.

England go through having beaten Denmark in a disappointingly one sided match. England were 3-0 up at half time and the game was effectively over. Second half must have been a bit desperate for neutrals. We play the winners of Belgium V Brazil in the next round. Mouthwatering.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Great article on what a bit of success in the world cup means, for Senegal in this case but it could be anyone.

Should any ladies drop by, they might want to look at a horoscope.

Been hoping this site would encourage my nippers to shove less crap down their gullets. Given even the eldest cannot be trusted to come home from school with his own shoes I am not hopeful . The other day he came home wearing one shoe and one boot, only one of which belonged to him.

Looks like a nice pie, but I bet Kath's is better.

This barmy World Cup keeps getting barmier. Portugal, showing their now traditional lack of grace went out to Korea.. Much as I like Portugal those Korean fans are so full of unrestrained but good natured fervour you have to be happy for them. They went crazy!
Elsewhere the U.S progress despite being well beaten by Poland in a game which began with a quite crazy five minutes. Poland two up and the U.S had a goal disallowed. Barmy.
Anyone can win this bloody thing now and it might as well be England, but will probably be Spain. It won't be Brazil.

Japan go through. One thing is for sure, no sets of supporters have enjoyed it so much.
Belgium beat Russia in what turned out to be a thriller.

Belgium now play Brazil, the outcome of which will be very interesting to fans of England. Maybe Denmark.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Fouind this and many othert good things at b3ta.
Eminems new album available here

Reserve left back scored a wonder goal in the amazing game between Brazil and Costa Rica. Looked easy for Brazil but Costa Rica had something like 8 clear cut chances. Don't put your money on Brazil.
Shock of the day was Ecuador beating Croatia, a result which put the chequered fascists out. Elsewhere Turkey beat China easily and Italy managed a face saving draw against a very lively Mexico thanks to a late equaliser from Del Piero.
Goal of the day Guardian Unlimited Football | World cup 2002 | Goal of the day - Brazil v Costa Rica

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

This is sort of funny, worth a look anyway. News | Sacre bleu! Dios mio! It's the Bizarro World Cup!


I act like I'm 18.
This test was brought to you by Mel - mostly.... Take it here.

Very bad karma to gloat, but what the hell, they deserve it.
As expected England got through, but as ever there was a touch of "after the lord mayors show" about it. Who cares, there are only 16 teams who get through and we will be one of the 16. Brilliant.
Spain complete the group section unbeaten at the expense of South Africa who very unexpectedly scored twice. Paraguay go through too, I would definitely not have expected that.
I would expect Croatia and Turkey to be celebrating qualification tomorrow.
Batistusta continues to exhibit the lack of grace for which is fast becoming renowned.
oh dear what a shame never mind.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Senegal qualify for next phase after an amazing game against Uruguay. After being 3-0 down Uruguay pulled it back to 3-3 and then contrived to miss the easiest chance of the game. Very good news, potentially, for England. As well as Senegal have done surely they have reached the limit of their ambition.

Ireland also qualify ,having scored 3 goals against a lively a but useless Saudi Arabia. This is the first time that Ireland have scored more than 1 goal in any world cup. My countrymen appear to have gone batty over the Ireland achievment. I don't get it, and I speak as one who only ever knew Irish people when I was growing up. Every last one of them would first cheer loudly, then piss themselves laughing, if Nigeria beat England tomorrow . I don't mind that they are through, and I am pleased for all my old Irish friends, but really, I couldn't care less.
The big news of the day is Denmark beating France, thus speeding them towards the departure lounge. Many words will be written about the demise of France, I have never felt they are as good as their record suggests , and while the early departure is a surprise, the fact that they achieved little isn't. A large slice of humble pie never hurt anyone.
Germany, having lost the plot, and being lucky not to have lost 2 goals in the first half, eventually overcame Cameroon and go through. Unlike Portugal and England though, they do not appear to have improved much. They won't go much further.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Another very good day in the world cup with all 3 games having something to commend them. A brilliant opener between South Korea and the U.S saw the U.S hang on for a somewhat fortuitous draw. Friedel was outstanding in goal and saved a penalty. This group is wide open, the U.S and Korea both have good opportunities to qualify.
Tunisia v Belgium was nothing like as exciting but saw a wonderful free kick scored by Tunisia, which was some kind of justice as a stunning strike had been ruled out because of a foul which resulted in the self same free kick.
Portugal beat Poland easily in a torrential downpour. The bad news is Portugal looked very, very good. Figo has found his form.
Very interesting day ahead tomorrow. There is a strong possibility that France could depart the tournament if they do not beat Denmark by 2 goals. Denmark are a strong side but France are more than capable. Similar scenario with Germany v Cameroon. As funny as it would be I cannot see Germany not qualifying. Will keep a close eye on Cissé for Senegal as it looks likely he might sign for Birmingham.
Possible scenarios as to who needs to do what to get through explained here.

John Gotti sleeps with the fishes. An astounding article can be found in the New York Times (registration required).
Avery good article by Blake Morrison on the fans experience in Japan. Guardian Unlimited Football | World cup 2002 | Blake Morrison on his five days at the World Cup
More on the Moscow riot, unfortunately, it now appears that two people lost their lives.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Mcillvenny on Tyson -Lewis. Superb.
Willi Railo, although not on the trip, has proved invaluable. Apparently he spoke to some of our key players by phone after the Sweden game and helped them focus on what was required. They, being cultural architects, passed this on to the others. One of Svens great strengths is his calmness, and in watering down our nationalistic tendencies and ensuring the players concentrated on the game, not our history, he won the game. It is no coincidence that in this new calm era we have beaten both our bete noirs, in competition, not friendlys. Since 1966 we have only ever been knocked out of the world cup by Germany or Argentina; it may yet happen again.
Good article on Beckham here.
Hugh Mcillvenny who cannot write a bad word, has written intelligently on the calmness that our players showed, being particularly impressed with the midfield. Being a Scot he always seems to be grudging in his praise for England, but praise it is. Mind you in his head it is probably a triumph for Sweden and Norway.
Svens mind games certainly seemed to work on Michael Owen, with whom I had been very dissapointed against Sweden, even advocating his dropping. Shows what I know.
Apparently, Trevor Sinclair is not as focussed as the others. It seems that he wandered absent mindedly onto the Argentine bus after the game. Bet he was popular. I had grave misgivings about Sinclair and thought he was very lucky to be on the plane to Dubai, then he played very poorly in whatever friendly it was. Given his personal circumstances I was not surprised he asked to go home. It showed a rare honesty I thought. It was almost Keeganesque, it was as though he had tried it at the next level and realised he had been found wanting.
Then he came back almost by return flight. I still had misgivings because he seemed so miserable about it. Then he came on and played on the left in another friendly (forget who against) and looked far more comfortable. I said then on the Singing the Blues message board that by happy coincidence we may have found the answer to our left side conundrum, ironically with a right footed player. By another (un)happy coincidence he improved the team on Friday. He still appears a bit dull though.
World cups always throw these odd occurences up. In 1966 Greaves was injured which let in the relatively unknown Hurst. There are many other less exalted examples. We have had 2 already, the aforementioned Sinclair, and Scholes and Butt forming a midfield axis. Happens for Man U I know, but I am certain Sven didn't plan it that way.
Another big up for Sven; it appears that when Sinclair returned he told Sven he wanted a chance on the left. Sven didn't throw a wobbly or say I manage and you play where I put you, he gave him his chance.

What is with South American footballers and mullets?. Between them Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador sported the finest selection since I don't know when. Mexico isn't in South America I know, call it poetic license.
Well my mrs did it again, 7.30 wake up call, this time for Mexico v Ecuador. At least this time there was a decent game to watch through my unaccustomed early morning fug. The Mexico manager seemed to be enjoying himself, I like that.
Both Turkey and Costa Rica had chances to win at the death. I would have laughed my socks off if Costa Rica had managed it. Genuine shock when Japan beat Russia. Unfortunately subsequent riot in Moscow has left at least one person dead. This is becoming an increasingly interesting, as well as entertaining world cup
Daft games, including a Lineker v Lynam fight. Kids in the Park. Fun & Funky fast loading Flash games.

Amid all the excitement on Friday I didn't even notice that Warwickshire had made it to a Lords final after a very exciting finish.
What is it with West Midlands sports and young men called Carter?

Victory for Lennox. Knock out in the 8th. Once again the good guy comes out on top. Ironically, as with England V Argentina it was the good guy who was accused of dirty tricks. Massively conclusive win for Lewis though.
Tyson was very gracious in defeat but I suspect this is the end of the road for him as a serious boxer. I would expect him to continue as some kind of freak show though. He was very impressive when confronted by the British gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, I think there may be more to Tyson than meets the eye. Pity he has been so badly mismanaged since he came out of prison.

Saturday, June 08, 2002

Thoughts today have been dominated by Englands victory over Argentina. The euphoria has gone, just about. It has been replaced by a warm glow and queer feeling in the pit of the stomach, most unusual. How will I feel if we go on and win the thing? It doesnt bear thinking about. Beckham made the front, back and inside pages. Quite right too.
Sven of course is now a hero, whereas ony a couple of days ago the tabloids were preparing their vegetable metaphors. Nothing now can prevent him becoming a deity in the eyes of the fickle press. What he has achieved with a team who could not string even one simple pass together under Keegan is remarkable, but others must take some credit. Peter Taylor for the inspirational move of making Beckham captain. The much mocked Howard Wilkinson, who only days after Keegans walkout, took a completely demoralised team to Finland and got a point, without which we would not be in Japan.
But the credit has to go to Sven, and to Beckham who has provided an object lesson in how to behave with dignity.

My Mrs thought she was doing her wifely duty when she woke me at 7.30 am to watch the football. She hadn't grasped that South Africa v Slovenia was not too high on my agenda after celebrating Englands win. The terrible match did nothing to alleviate my hangover. The only entertainment was provided by the South African coach doing the funky chicken when they scored.
Italy were done a massive injustice and will raise some sort of objection. Nothing will come of it, but it's a shame such important games should suffer from sheer incompetence. It's a pity Croatia should benefit from it too, there is more than a whiff of the Fascist about that nation, as evidenced by their adoption of the ushtase flag and anthem.
Brazil won predictably and easily.

While I am sleeping peacefully later on tonight, two grown men will be belting the living daylights out of each other. The fight no one claimed to want but everybody wants to see takes place in Memphis at 3am British time. This is a very intriguing fight. If Tyson is as fit as this article suggests, a classic is on the cards.
Lewis, however, does not appear to scare easily.

Friday, June 07, 2002

Whatever has gone before, this is the result of the world cup so far. No other game has meant quite as much. It's glorious really. Guardian Unlimited Football | World cup 2002 | What on earth went right?
An Argentine perspective , obviously written before the game, is interesting. Crespo seems like a good guy, Simeone less so.
Away from the football this flash thing on correct road usage is amusing.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Another day in the world cup and yet more shocks. The U.S beat Portugal. Absolutely amazing, Portugal would be expected to reach the quarter finals at least. Some good judges thought they may have a chance of winning the thing. Many, myself included would not have been surprised if the U.S had lost every game. One defeat doesn't make much difference, Argentina reached the final after losing their first game to Cameroon, so Portugal are far from being out of it.
However, this is a phrase that I never in a million years thought I would utter, " I cannot wait for the mouthwatering clash between the U.S.A and South Korea". Bizzarre.
As if that was not enough excitement, Germany turned out to be a poor team, which says little for Saudi Arabia. However going into the 93rd minute they were beating Ireland 1-0 and looking to be the first team to qualify from the groups. Out of nowhere, a highball is flicked on by Quinn and Robbie Keane, with 2 hairy arsed German defenders and a man mountain of a goalie converging on him, smashes the ball into the net. The group is wide open now. Wide open for some duplicity between Cameroon and Germany actually, but we shall see.
Very vexing word game can be found here.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

The world cup rolls along. And it's been another interesting day. Japan got an unlikely draw against Belgium; and Korea ,incredibly, beat Poland. A good day for the host nations and a good day for the tournament. Both Japan and Korea played with wit, spirit and joy. Fair play to the pair of them.
Off the field the tantrums and squabbles continue. Today it was Slovenias turn.
Meanwhile the head of the Turkish Football Federation was expressing his delight : "In an extraordinary reference to Turkey's role in the Korean War, Ulusoy said: "We sacrificed 1,000 soldiers here to defend Koreans, and one Korean killed 70 million Turks last night.

"I wish I were not forced to speak about a Korean like that. We love Koreans, but that man can't be a referee. In Turkey, he wouldn't even be allowed to officiate a match in the second division.".
Which brings me in a roundabout way to Nick Hornby. Now I accept that he knows how to string a sentence together, and I have enjoyed the 2 books of his that I have read. But there is something about him that gets on my nerves and always has done, which is why I have only read the 2 books. This article in bookmunch expresses it better than I ever could. And they don't even mention why High Fidelity marks him out as good writer but a very crap and spoilt brat of a football fan.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Fans of Brazil will be delighted that against all expectations Big Phil Scolari abandoned his obsession with defending and reverted to the beautiful game. Brazil beat Turkey in the game of the tournament so far. Very interesting history of football from a Brazilian perspective here.
Elsewhere, in the real family world I managed to disguise a load of vegetables inside some meatballs and a tomato sauce, thus ensuring the kids got their annual dose of goodness. Also managed to convince myself that adding a quarter of a pint of Creme Fraiche to the chocolate , egg yolks, milk, cream, and sugar that went into my ice cream making endeavours rendered it healthy. I felt better for it anyway.
I managed to let the whole jubilee thing largely pass me by. Mainly by not setting foot outside the house, in fact barely leaving the kitchen. Browsing around the New York Times, which requires free registration, I fell upon its book pages and was delighted to find a first chapters section. I had noticed last week on a trip to Waterstones that Richard Russo had a new book out. Didn't buy it as I was carrying armfuls of books for the entire family as it was. The N.Y.T not only had the first chapter of the book (Empire Falls), but a 20 minute clip of Russo reading from it. I am amazed the guy isn't better known. His characters are all real characters that you cannot help but warm to and his sense of place is spot on.
This cracks me up Life | Here come the buns

Saturday, June 01, 2002

A discussion on art led to a discussion on crap bands in the seventies led to a discussion on toast. And here is an excellent toast resource..
Serious food stuff at Chowhound, nothing precious about it though.
There is also a site for lovers of biscuits