Wednesday, June 26, 2002

The best place on the radio for cutting edge and innovative music is BBC Radio 3. In particular Late Junction, which is very eclectic, but not too esoteric. There are many other good things on the station. Living halfway up a mountain my F.M reception is terrible, so I hardly listen, my internet connection allows only for a very jerky, irritating stream. Having had to spend the last couple of nights doing actual work based research on the web, rather than arsing about finding stupid things to post on various boards, I arsed about trying to get a decent reception on Radio 3, which for once I managed.
Having only one ear on it I missed the name of some fantastic band or person that was on at about 11.40. Thinking there might be a playlist I went to the site. There is a playlist but its not up yet and I clicked on listen live by mistake. Found that lots of shows are archived, including all this weeks Late Junctions. A brief test suggests that they stream beautifully. This is seriously good news, but I suspect more of my money will be travelling Amazons way.
This was mentioned tonight. It seems a bit more civilised and certainly cheaper than Glastonbury.

It will be a Germany v Brazil world cup final. I should go for Brazil but their behaviour prior to the last final regarding Ronaldo leaves a very sour taste. Now Rivaldo is sullying their previous good name with his odious antics. Moreover we will be subject to countless cliched references to samba and bombarded with pictures of scantily clad babes. Actually, given that at this precise moment I seem unable to summon up any enthusiasm for the football, I have no objection to the babes.
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