Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Influence the government.Have your say on battery hens.

What can be said about Germany. As poor as they appeared to be, they have got to another final. It's little use moaning about their easy passage, they can only play against the teams who turn up against them. England could have had an easier time of it had they been a bit more adventurous. For all their faults Germany have looked more threatening in every game than we did, and they had Jancker.
A Turkey v Germany final would be very interesting for all sorts of sociological and political reasons. Turkey has several players who were born in Germany and actually have offices in Germany to encorage those of Turkish descent to opt to play for Turkey. They have clearly never heard of the Tebbit test.

Talking of politics and sociology, we might as well throw a bit of history in. Really good article in the New York Times on relations between Korea and Japan. Registration required.
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