Friday, June 21, 2002

Oh dear , what a shame, never mind. Brazil were clearly the better team and won on absolute merit. In a way it was a relief, at least we didn't have to suffer the agonies of extra time and penalties. Two South Koreans, apparently fit and healthy, died of heart attacks during the Korea - Italy game. After my experiences in Cardiff a few weeks ago I can well believe it.
I shall not miss the mass hysteria and mass waving of flags of St George, it really was beginning to grate. As ever as a competition progresses and England stay in the whole world and his wife (particularly his wife) become experts and start pontificating. For some reason the BBC thinks the rantings of these know nothing fools and their children merit time on the nations airwaves. There has also arisen in the last few years a fashion for the BBC to decamp to various locations in host cities and countries. Fair enough. We all like a jolly. Unfortunately they seem to think we, the listeners at home, want to listen to the inane witterings of any fool wearing a flag of St George who happens along. Well, if they exercised any quality control, we might. Unfortunately it ends up with some fool trying to impress his mates with witless inanities. At least now the only people who will be talking about football will be those with an interest in football. The ersatz brigade can concentrate on becoming the worlds biggest tennis experts for the 2 weeks they take an interest. Or until Henman departs, whichever is sooner. I find it all fucking odious really, but I'm in a bit of a bad mood.

Flag stuff

World Cup haircuts

South Park thingy, my nipper and Mrs love it

Fuck me

No matter how hard I try to rationalise it, IT HURTS!
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