Saturday, November 03, 2001

Not playing till tomorrow at 6 drives me mental that does.Rotherham at home.Good side but we should win,particularly if we are serious about challenging this year.Manager and director issues still unresolved though.Anything could happen.Bruce has tried to resign but it hasn't been accepted. He will come but not before we massively embarrass ourselves and alienate ourselves from everyone else.Old guard must be feeling highly motivated.
All my kids are bobby dazzlers.Just thought I'd mention that.2 year old scared of fireworks needed her dad.The coldest heart would melt.
Came across this about a guy who was killed by the U.S. state officially for rape,unofficially for being a smart arse, it's an interesting diversion.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Still we stumble on in our legendary and farcical way.1-1 draw away at Portsmouth the other night.Neither good nor bad but following a defeat not the form of serious contenders.We have made a formal approach to Palace for Steve Bruce,they refuse to let us talk to him.Not heard the last of that yet,I suspect he is on his way,not neccessarily a good thing.
Heartily reccomend the use of bread machine for pizza dough effortless and all done in 45 mins.

Friday, October 26, 2001

grimbsby 3-brum 1 fuckinell.Grimbsy had lost their last seven,and had deserved to by all accounts.Then we turn up on a good run.I predicted it early this mornStill no news on new manager. Still dont know if we are being solding and put it on the message board.Doubt if I will get any thanks.Could be top now but we aint.Still no news on new manager.Still unclear if we are up for sale.Some have said to chairman we are bluenoses fuck off to wales you poison dwarf,we were here long before you and will be here long after you.INCORRECT.Withoutthis guy we likely have expired long ago.Still some on the messgeboard seem to think he the devils represntative on earth and that or plight is worthy of trivialising.No sense of history.
had an online chat withy my young friend flavio a couple of weeks ago about actors.We decided Jeff Bridges is very underated.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Hmmmmm never a dull minute in the life of Birmingham City or its supporters.Still no new manager.Another win last night a rather prosaic 2-1 victory over Gillingham.Best of all though,it seems the Club is up for sale.Our pornographer in chief has had a right gutsful and said sod this for a game of tin soldiers,I'm off.Very bad news,last time something like this happened we were bought by a local scrap metal merchant who nearly took us right down the pan.Still we shall see what we shall see.Planet Blues message board full of absolute drivel,others no better.
Very handily placed in the league,not that it seems to matter all that much.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Had to restore factory settings on this poxy p.c.Lost everything.

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Bugger me I'm interested now.4-o.Hat trick from Marcello.Board is full of posters saying we should keep the mick mills and jim barron (the caretakers) as managers.I say hold your chuffin horses.History is full of failed caretakers who started well.And the only history Mills has as a manager is dismal.Still it's looking good.
cool cool water here
Football again.Home to Bradford,manager or not a game we should win.Still don't care overmuch though,just agog at who new manager might be.According to the mesage boards it will either be Joe Royle or Steve Bruce.I don't want either of them.
Found a Bin Laden song.Very Funny.
Thats it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Found some light relief: little worm game
Forest away tonight,0-0.As good as we could expect in the circumstances I suppose.To tell the truth the result tonight held little interest for me.The identity of our new manager is all that bothers me at the moment.It looks increasingly likely that it will be Steve Bruce,who so far in his managerial career has achieved precisely nothing and is on his 4th club in as many years.Not exactly inspiring.The messageboard is obsessed with gossip.Hard to believe it used to be the best football messageboard around.Now taken over by bored office workers having a love in.A few of them reckon they know the "real " reason Trevor Francis left,won't post it because its too sensitive.Just want everyone else to know they have privileged information.Utter bollocks man.
Life is not all football however..some very interesting stuff in the Guardian today by 2 jonathans,Steel and Freedland.Funny thing with Freedlands article,7500 died over 72 hrs in Srbenica,yet it had nothing like the resonace of the New York attacks.Somehow New York seems much closer to home,even though srbenica is almost literally in our back yard,2ish hours away on a plane.Scary shit.Weird that it looks like another world,nothing to do with us,which may explain a lot.Very good point made that in a relatively small area controlled by "us" Karadice is still at large.I fear many innocents have yet to die fruitless deaths while old bin liner sees us all off.
Steeles piece is not dissimilar,I found the paragraph on the "empathy deficit" particularly provoking of thought.
Also came across this in the Guardian about a Tory m.p name of Allason who a judge described as the biggest liar he has ever come across.Also found this about Jeffrey Archer who has been described similarly by another judge.They seem to be moving him through the system with indecent haste.All this hard on the heels of Jonathon Aitken and the guy with the harridan for a wife ,ex of Tatton,name escapes me.Love to see a Tory humiliated.Not that it seems to bother them.
Light relief??? hmmm don't seem to have had any,apart fom seeing the man utd result.(lost 3-2 at home to Deportivo Coruna.)

Monday, October 15, 2001

Well.B.C.F.C. What a circus.We lose 6-0 nothing happens,then win away 3-1 and the manager gets sacked.Apparently the chairman has said it has got nothing to do with results,so the news and the gossip over the coming days should be interesting.Opinion on the( messagebaord ) seems to be quite accepting of todays events.Major differences as to who the new man will be,George Graham is my guess but not my preference.I would prefer someone younger and more innovative.Calderwood from Dunfermiline or Moyes from Preston would be my choice.
All very sad as he was a hero to many of us and my guess is he is now finished in football management.Still it promises to be very interesting for a while .
Wha a start to the week.Finally relented and allowed 2 year old to have mmr,she took it like a trooper.Baby also had some kind of jab which he found very unsettling.Thank Christ for calpol.
Work is an absolute bastard.As usual people expecting miracles.Expect me to turn sex offenders into nice ,well balanced and popular members of society.Want me to conjure up a service where none exists and cannot see why I cannot make irrational arseholes see reason.Still pays the mortgage and there is always Arse Racing

Friday, October 12, 2001

oh dear oh dear oh dear.I did say it would be mostly stupid.Just didn';t realise how.
clearly I don't know what I am doing.For whats its worth,this is what is missin.
Here come da weekend.And my thoughts remain where they have been all week.With Birmingham City f.c. The various websites such as, have been full of angst,backbiting,bitterness and bile.We are going through a rocky patch.Some hate the manager and some are learning to hate him.All very sad as he was a boyhood hero of many of us.Possibly our best ever player.And it's going to end in tears.Ours probably.Defeat away at Barnsley tomorrow and it will get very interesting.Our anthem is "keep right on to the end of the road",made famous by Harry Lauder and Margaret Thatcher,never has an anthem been more apt.Things must be bad;even the Guardian has published an article about us
Still the news is not all bad.This article in the onion cracked me up
.Some accuse me of being a cultural snob,a charge I emphatically deny.Mind you ,you have to admit the guy has a point.Its raining and appears to be blowing a gale in New Jersey,I know because I go here:.Not necessarily good news I know but I like the rain.Then we have a heroic dog ,a href=""