Monday, October 15, 2001

Well.B.C.F.C. What a circus.We lose 6-0 nothing happens,then win away 3-1 and the manager gets sacked.Apparently the chairman has said it has got nothing to do with results,so the news and the gossip over the coming days should be interesting.Opinion on the( messagebaord ) seems to be quite accepting of todays events.Major differences as to who the new man will be,George Graham is my guess but not my preference.I would prefer someone younger and more innovative.Calderwood from Dunfermiline or Moyes from Preston would be my choice.
All very sad as he was a hero to many of us and my guess is he is now finished in football management.Still it promises to be very interesting for a while .
Wha a start to the week.Finally relented and allowed 2 year old to have mmr,she took it like a trooper.Baby also had some kind of jab which he found very unsettling.Thank Christ for calpol.
Work is an absolute bastard.As usual people expecting miracles.Expect me to turn sex offenders into nice ,well balanced and popular members of society.Want me to conjure up a service where none exists and cannot see why I cannot make irrational arseholes see reason.Still pays the mortgage and there is always Arse Racing
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