Monday, June 10, 2002

Another very good day in the world cup with all 3 games having something to commend them. A brilliant opener between South Korea and the U.S saw the U.S hang on for a somewhat fortuitous draw. Friedel was outstanding in goal and saved a penalty. This group is wide open, the U.S and Korea both have good opportunities to qualify.
Tunisia v Belgium was nothing like as exciting but saw a wonderful free kick scored by Tunisia, which was some kind of justice as a stunning strike had been ruled out because of a foul which resulted in the self same free kick.
Portugal beat Poland easily in a torrential downpour. The bad news is Portugal looked very, very good. Figo has found his form.
Very interesting day ahead tomorrow. There is a strong possibility that France could depart the tournament if they do not beat Denmark by 2 goals. Denmark are a strong side but France are more than capable. Similar scenario with Germany v Cameroon. As funny as it would be I cannot see Germany not qualifying. Will keep a close eye on Cissé for Senegal as it looks likely he might sign for Birmingham.
Possible scenarios as to who needs to do what to get through explained here.
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